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This was a really fun and funny game! Great work!

Here's the game I made. I hope you like it!

This is fun and polished! Well done!

I enjoyed this one! Managed to get 82 floors once I understood what was going on. It was a bit tough to figure out the mechanics, though.

Amazing work on this one! It was a lot of fun trying to avoid things while eating the peas/nightmares. And the visuals and sounds were on-point!

This was a fun variation on a classic game. I played for a little while and got (what I'd consider) to be a decent score of around 900 (can't remember the exact score, it's been a few hours).

This was really entertaining! Destroying the big buildings was very satisfying.

I really liked the music of this game. It's a shame about the looping problem. I'd also like to see more of what y'all would like to do for this game; would be interested in the lore/characters.

Wish my computer wasn't so weak. Game ran at like 10fps for me and was pretty laggy, so it was very difficult to control properly. What I was able to do was a lot of fun, though, and the visuals are extremely appealing in their simplicity. Great work!

This was fun and creative! I liked how the water could grow multiple things, meaning you had to be mindful of where you squirted. I wish the water could put out fires, though, since it seemed like the moment my tower caught fire was basically game over.

Thank you!


This was fun! I wasn't able to beat the slime king though...

I really enjoyed this! The puzzles were all manageable and the game was very clean looking. Why was it that sometimes the boxes didn't really move much when I pushed them, though? I know there was one with an extra tile on the ceiling, but other times they just seemed to get stuck on nothing.

This was a lot of fun! I got a score of 810 after a couple attempts.

The beginning was so much fun! I got to plant and dig up plants rapidly while also making sure to keep them watered. I think the endgame would benefit quite a bit if the plants grew faster.

I loved this! I enjoyed the challenge of having to switch between trying to collect and avoid the projectiles.

This game looks very nice for a 3D game. I like the low-poly aesthetic and the chill sounds. I think the camera sensitivity was a bit too high, though.

The flood fill effect was very neat! I was able to fill the whole grid with the right color a couple of times.

It's a fun concept and I liked how you encourage speedrunning with the high score displayed. The controls were very janky, though.

I'm happy with how this turned out! This has been my most ambitious Godot project yet. It's the first one with sound and menus, which is some good metaphorical growth for myself. I also learned how to make tilesets and got a better understanding of signals. All aspects of this game (visuals, sound, code, etc) were done by myself. I might end up using some premade assets in future jams, since this game isn't the most polished looking. I hope you still enjoy the gameplay and level design, though!

This is fun! I wish the mechanics were a bit better explained, though. I didn't really understand that the satellite powerup let you shoot faster until I had gotten a couple of them. Also, my best score was 308.

A puzzle game where you eat food to increase in size. When your size increases, there are fewer places you can fit, but you're able to cross larger gaps.

I don't think this works on windows

This game was really great! I had a lot of fun solving each puzzle, and also enjoyed the simple, yet effective, artstyle.