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It was fun!

You could fix the bug with the camera and the movement

Hey! Can you upload a .zip file? 

.rar doesnt work..

Hey! Thanks for your comment!

So I know that you can still see through blocks.. but not as good as before..

Also I wrote the code on my own and i know that there are still bugs!

I try to fix them!

Also I just wanted to do something like that cause I rly enjoy Minecraft and Sandbox games! ;)


Im glad its ok for you! If there are problems please let me know!

And check the game for new updates!

My record is 27x blocks xD

I will ;)

Ok ;)

Oh.. than im sry then i will play it again! ;)

Hey pretty cool but i think that there is a bug... I was in lvl 2 and i couldn´t shoot

Can you upload an .zip file? .rar doesnt work ;(

Pretty cool!

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 Can you upload an .exe file too?? And is the game gettign updates cause I had a lot of fun with my brother playing this and it would be very funny if there were updates to improve the fun!

Hey! I rly want to play this but there is no .exe file there! can you pls add one??

I will keep an eye on the project to see if anything new comes up! ;)



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Hey! I rly like this game! I have built a Tower and a bee cave or something!

So the thing is .. it says in the game description ("This prototype is not a finished game") So if the game is finished .. are there coming updates after the finished game? Cause I rly like this game! 

Also you can make a Discord server or so that the community can join and you can announce the updates and Releases!

If you dont know how to do it with the Discord server... I could help you if you want!

Im hoping for an awnser!

Have a good day!

Hey! Can you also upload it in a .zip file? Cause I cant play it without a .zip file... When its a .rar file it says that the file is damaged! Could you pls do this?

This is cool!

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Its cool!

And I dont know why but I cant join the Dc

Thx for doing that ! I will enjoy! Are there updates for the game?

Its a cool short game! It made fun! Keep up doing that!

Looks cool!

That locks pretty and cool! I like it!

This is so cool!

Is it normal that there is no .exe file in the download files??

It works now !! Thx for the reupload!

Hey! It looks cool and I want to play it! but.. the file says that the file is unknown or damaged :(