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when you finish the story you are able to play all the minigames that you play on the story (dance battle, etc) 

make able to put the poscard of the forest in the mail, also more postals like in the valley and lake, when you do all that you can get a trophy 

make levels like cooperative but alone, i don`t have friends to play it and i want to play those :( (the levels could be the basketball and puzzles like the one of electricity)

make the closet a place to save your thins (i don`t know what wuold be tue utility but theres it)

sorry for bad english

Pikuniku community · Created a new topic Ideas to implement
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a topic to say ideas you have that you think in the game would be cool (sorry miyenglish)

"What do you mean"

why would you at phone

a really good game whit a really simple mechanic, congratulations!

i dont know man every time I play the game is like haha tre goes BRRRRRRRRRRRR

thisi is that thing that no one wanted but everyone needs xd

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now that i played the game i can say that dani is great B)