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they look awesome! Thanks for sharing! ❤

Hi! That can be a problem with WebGL. Check this page out and try that, otherwise try another browser!

It's not abandoned! I have an update halv done but I'm a bit stuck. And also have a lot to try and figure out in life that takes a my time and energy! 
But when you least expect it, it will be an update! :)

Aw that's sweet, thank you so much! I'm happy it made you happy! 

1. I haven't planned it, but I could if you want! :) My boyfriend is a musician so I could probably ask him to make some music for the game.

2. Yes I have more backgrounds planned! just need to find the energy to work on updates. :(

3. No that's not possible. I would have to make all of the clothes change too and that's waay to much work! :)

Hi and thanks for your suggestions!

I'm making underwear/bathing suits right now, will also add transparent tops! Different body types are impossible unfortunately and I've tried shirts that tie around the waist before but they are super buggy so I removed them. I will see if I can fix them and add them again. :)

Please consider donating if you enjoy my game, have a nice day!

Hi! Thanks! Unfortunaly that is not possible. :( I would have to make aaall of the clothes and different colors of the clothes in different sizes and that's not gonna happend. :)

Have a nice day!

aw thank you SO much!

Thank you so much for your suggestions! :)

oh don't worry that's allright if you can't donate, i know how it is! :)

Hmm they are all visible for me with all haircolors! Strange. What happends if you test it in another browser?

Haha oh, perhaps that haven't been so obvious to people as I thought! :D I wish I could make the donate button bigger and flashier lol. THANK you so much for donating! It instantly made me more excited to work on the update :)

I know a few of you want that, and it would be really fun! It would take a lot of time though since it's outside of my comfort zone :)

And since it's hard to make money of these games, I don't know if I can spend that much time on another one.

Really great suggestions, thank you! I like when you guys are specific in what you want. :)

Please consider donating a buck or two it you want me to keep making updates!

Hi and thank you! Great suggestions, I'll keep them in mind when I do more updates :)

Hi and thank you for your suggestions, underwear and bikinis are on my to do list! :)

hi and thanks!

ok thanks for letting me know about the shorts, I'll look into it!

Hmm I guess I can make it so that if you change colors, only the colors of the clothes not on the girl will change. I'll see what I can do!

Ok good to know :) We'll see how it turns out.

sure, I can do that in a later update. :)

In the second hair page there is a red long hair, is that too intense? A bit to unnatural I mean. Just so that I know what you guys are looking for!

Hi thanks! Gloves are a great suggestion, I will definitely put in some of those :)
Ok more red hair. Do you guys think that I should make the red hairs that already exist more intense, or do you want another red hair option?

of course no problem! :) more will come probably

you can also check out this page for help:!topic/chrome/ezQ6znp4xcM

Thanks for your suggestions!
Freckles would be cute! What more eye colors are there? hehe, I thought I had all that you could have. :)

The red hairs look quite red on my computer, but they might look more brown on some monitors maybe! We'll see if I add another color in the future, it's quite a bit of work to add a new hair color so it probably won't happend for a while.

Also, what do you mean with the ability to layer shirts?

Ok the invisible menu seems to be related to a thing called WebGL (it's a kind of hardware acceleration thingie), and it can sometimes be disabled on Chrome for some reason. You can try these things:

In Chrome, go to settings and press advanced settings and then scroll down and see if "Use hardware acceleration when available" is checked or not, if it's not checked, then check it, then restart Chrome.

Then you can write this address in the Chrome bar: chrome://flags and press enter.
Then find this line:

Disable WebGL
Mac, Windows, Linux, Chrome OS, Android
Enabling this option prevents web applications from accessing the WebGL API.

and see if it says "disable" or "enable" underneath it. You want it to say "enable", so if it says "disable" then press it. Then restart Chrome.

If it still doesn't work, it way be something with your graphic card or similar, and in that case you'll just have to use another browser, for example Firefox or Edge.

Good luck and thanks for playing!

Thanks i will fix the hair problem! Yes the invisible menu thing is very strange. I still haven't seen it myself when I have tested it on different computers. It's good that you can play it on a different browser!
I'm trying to fix it but I have no idea what is causing it at the moment.

Thank you, I like your suggestions! I will see what I can do. :)

A thread for bugs and errors

Style Dress Up community · Created a new topic Suggestions

Here you can post your suggestions for items you want in the game!

Thank you so much! :D

So do you think you can make an exception for me, or do I need to start looking for other alternatives?

No worries, thanks for replying!
Welll, the game isn't finished yet, I wanted to upload it and see how it looks and if I have to adjust the layout size and stuff like that. Right now it's 658 files, but it's going to be more later. So it's a lot more than the limit unfortunately! But it's only 55Mb so it won't take up a huge space on your servers! :)

I've sent two emails to the past weeks and have not gotten any response. The last one was regarding that I have too many files in my zip file, and it says in their FAQ that they love to make exceptions and to contact them. I would loove to get an exception for my game, since I really need to have lots of files for this particular game.

Do you guys know the best way to contact them and get an answer?
I really like and would love to host my game here. If I can get it working that is. :)