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My apologies. I should have clarified that there are no paywalls in the game to unlock additional content after the initial game purchase. 

Yeah, real life has a way of getting in the way of gaming and development. :) 

Smaller tilesets would be nice for sure just to keep the development going. I just wanted to double-check before I purchased all the graphics and started working on my next project.

I look forward to seeing more! ^_^

Any dungeon tiles in progress?

Graphics are impressive as always. Are these already setup for any of the Rpgmakers or do you have to put them together for the sheets?

Aren't the sprites set up for Rpgmaker? It is kinda of odd that this wouldn't be.

Thank you. I will take a look. ;)

Decided to take the plunge and buy the entire Rpg World set to show my support and hopefully make a game with them. Packs are very nice, but might take some work to get them to work in Rpg Maker. Would love to see some snow areas or more town details/shops.

Even a 4 directional base would be nice for Rpg Maker or Intersect.  The tilesets are looking amazing.

No worries, life keeps us busy. I'll be picking these packs up; I just wanted to make sure the graphic set wasn't abandoned (it happens a lot). Great work though! ^_^

I am loving how the RPG worlds are shaping up; however, there are only 3 of them to make a complete game. Are you working on towns or dungeons?  

It is nice to find 32x32 tilesets of high quality. I do have  a point of concern; will you be making a variety of packs in "Rpg Worlds" format to allow developers to make a full game?

I've been watching these packs for a while, and noticed these packs have never gone on sale. Is there any chance so I can pick them all up?    Also another character pack would be amazing. ^_^

Is there a bundle to purchase all the packs at once? Also, will these be going sale in October or hopefully before?