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Seems like a good game but after playing it for hours every choice feels like a mistake constantly making zero progress. It's just been one step forward then one step back.

Thank you came across her by accident and got way further with couple others after that.  I look forward to what happens with the others. Still missing one (second page top left corner) so now I'm interested in who it can be.

It's good game so far but I can't get past lvl 2 with Jessa no options to progress just chat she is fine the end. The hints are really not helping since it says "I wonder what she's doing tonight"... Nothing would be the answer since at night no one is really active and next stage of the day forces you to sleep.

Loved this game so far and can't wait for 0.9 A few times the game had me worried it was going to turn into an episode of School Days though. Lin is my favourite by far but Felicity and Emma are awesome hope they get more scenes together.

I kinda wished there was a better way to earn money because advertisement looks like I am still earning very little with full upgrades. 

Example have 2000 spend 1000 (1000 left) ad investment earn 1000+(little over 2000) but keep ads going and lose 1000. So I only profit in the 100s like I was without investing in ads.


Lastly I don't know if it's a bug or what but end of the Android's main story she does her appearance change but right after goes back to original look. I loved her new look but I don't know how to get it back or if it's possible.