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Yeah xD, I have to create a solution to the numbers style problem, and find an equilibrium between speed and the shield hitbox. Thanks for the feedback ^.^

Thanks ^.^ 

Haha, I may have added the "bullet barrages"  to give some emotion, I'm glad you enjoyed them xD

The player really is moving too fast at least with the speed booster, i'll have to test what is the best speed later 

Hey \o

Heartbroken is kind of a space shooter.

In this game you are a angel trying to protect the Heart of your Goddess from those who want to warm it. Your only way attack is using your shield to reflect the magic thrown in the direction of the statue.

Here is what I have done until now:

The game screen and

and game over screen...

I liked the style of drawing and the cute story, so i thought let's see your others games too... and well I had already played one of them, and now I'll play them all xD

Your games are great ^.^