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As far as I know it's the latest one [9921], also, I didn't mention it, but I was level 6 and then I got up to level 10, somehow.
The error:
mods/skills/skills/fastreflexes.skill.gml[26:4] '118346' (GMLMod) does not have a variable 'current_time_scale'

The mod breaks when I attempt to unlock the Fast Reflexes skill.

I am on version 1.5 of GEL and the latest version of NTT

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mods/GEL.mod.gml[1072:13] '113562' (GmlMod) does not have a variable 'current_time_scale'

That error constantly loops and actually covers the entire screen when I load this mod, even if I haven't loaded anything before.

Yes, but when I turn it off (stop the update search) and hit the launch button it says that Custom Throne most update in order to run.

But it says that custom throne must update in order to run correctly, well in order to run, because I can't open custom throne until the launcher updates.

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I've been waiting for 18 hours for custom throne to check for updates