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Have you measured the time it takes to process those 10000+ soldiers? Like is it a big bottleneck or you could afford putting even more?

What font is in the game? :)

What is the song?

Did you make all the art yourself? Love it.

Having formations like you described is a pretty good idea.

Referring to what you said about non-cartesian coordinate system, why would you want to split your map in 100x100 rooms instead of having one single 1000x1000 and more gigantic room?

How big is your engine in lines of code? Just curious.

Yeah, I meant to say the mouse would be better for this type of game. What would be tedious is giving move orders such as 1cShift>>>^^^>>^^Enter, and then repeat 9 times for the whole army. But I agree that mice doesn't belong in a roguelike. 

What is Smart Kobold and Jacob's Matrix? I don't see them on your profile page.

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I really like this one. Can you go more in details on how you made this? Is this your own engine? How did you make the maps? Do you have a map editor? Did you draw the art of the characters?

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Very cool concept, feels like a real scale warfare simulation, the same kind of game that I want to make. Epic combat, strategy, fun AI. The only thing that holds this back is the controls, the controls make it tedious to play. Still, to make something like this seems light years ahead any other entry in terms of implementation complexity. Have you made other similar games before? I'd wanna see them for sure.

Hey, I was looking into the source and I found some json data files. How did you create those json files? Do you have a tool for editing json data? I'm looking for one.

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Hmmm.. I fuckin love this game. :D     I keep dying on level 2 but I love the concept. The art is a really nice touch as well.