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Thank you for playing! I'm glad that you liked it, I enjoyed watching your stream 👏😊

Thank you! 🤗

Awesome! Thanks for playing 🤗

Thank you for your comment! 🤗

Thank you! I'm glad you liked it! 🤗

Thanks for playing! 🤗

Thank you! 👍👏


Los valores de los juegos en Unity se almacenan en el registro de windows


Cuando el personaje aparece lejos, dónde lo habías dejado originalmente? 

Es probable que al borrar el progreso en la nueva versión se elimine el de la versión 2019 porque se almacenan en el mismo lugar. Yo creo que tienes un conflicto entre las dos versiones. Podrías probar de iniciar una nueva partida en la versión actual pero utilizando un slot distinto al actual.

The updated version now starts in window mode instead of fullscreen.

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That's what I'm making right now! I'll post here when it's uploaded.

I tested it on different computers with no problems. Could it be that your anti-virus is blocking the app?

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sorry to hear that, I uploaded a different version for 32-bit Windows x86

It was made and tested on a computer with Windows 7 - 64 bit, so it should work. I'm working on an update for the demo and I'll make sure to compile it for both versions.👍

Cool! I'm working on an update for the demo

Thanks! I'll update it soon : )

Thanks for playing! You're right about the Grim Fandango vibes, I really love that game :)

I have in mind some secondary quests that I'd like to add so you can explore the world at your own pace.

About the progression system, I don't want to add anything too complex but it's true that you need a motivation to fight with enemies, I'm trying to keep the amount of fights to the minimum so it doesn't become too repetitive. I try to make each battle feel unique.

Thank you for your suggestions!

I am working on an updated demo, It should be ready on a couple of weeks. I think it's better if you wait, I feel the new version is way better :)

Hi! Nice to know you've been following the development of AFTERLIFE :) 

I should point out that I added lots of stuff to the game since the release of this demo. Even though I feel it is a bit outdated, it can give a general idea of what the game is going to be. Hope you like it and good luck with your projects too!

Awesome! Loved Wilhelm's store!

Looking forward to the full-game, keep up the good job :)

Love the art style!

"Lovely characters who want to kill you"

You were not kidding with that one! Keep up the good work! 

Thanks you for your comment! We all wanted a game with a 3D gameboy style! That's why I'm making it :)

About the potions, I think I'll add some places where you can heal for free.

Thanks for playing!

Thanks for your comment! I'm working on the full release!

Game was made in Unity. I used Blender for 3d stuff and Aseprite for sprites.

Thank you for playing!


I'm glad you could play it! I will add those options for sounds.

Thanks for playing!

Nice, would like to see more levels!

no problem :)

I made a MAC build but I can't test it  (since I don't have a MAC).

Can you try it and let me know if you could play?


Thanks for your feedback! Of course, Undertale is one of my influences for making this game.

I released this demo to see if I was on the right path. So far, I'm happy with the feedback I received, so I'm working on turning this into a full game.