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bruh, it's dead XD

I've just posted some comments for game... Nah, now I gonna work on my new game, so, now I have some arts for it (just smth like prototypes for the game). This game may be remade for another game (as mini-game).

There are one important thing for this game: it needs Godot Engine on your computer. Also it can't start on MacOS, because I just don't know how to build it for OS X ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Now I don't wanna work on this game, so, it has been freezed. Cya!)

ppl still making video about this game... Although the game came out on November 5, 2019...

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I remember times, when I played Froggy Pot... It was 1 year and 6 months ago...

If you want to use it, you must to cut them by yourself. I will not use them (only "W", "S" and space), so, I will not update this version

BTW, 512MB is not enough, cuz Win7 will not start on PC with 512MB of RAM. At least 2GB for Windows 7x64 (minimum WinOS for this game)

btw it was the largest comment for this game)))

the other one important thing: the game was not starting on my macbook. IDK why, but we have 2 facts: game wont start without godot on ur PC (or it is one of the most strange things in alpha 00001a - 00009a, cuz they dont wanna start without it, lmao. IDK why, but I was writing those versions on Godot 3.2 (or smth like that), then I updated it to 3.4.2) and I am alone in my team, lol. kitty and squid left this team last winter, numkey left our team in 2022 (the team was born in 2021 btw), so, I will make games alone, lmao. Btw, I am JuniorAdventurier (AKA JuniorADV, Adventurier, Aventurier). Btw, I said only about coders. MLord and RosEND would check my games for bugs and they will help me with YouTube, Twitch and TikTok.

Another one bad thing: MSR (minimum system requirements) cant be checked, cuz my PC is Ryzen 3 1200 + GTX 1050 2GB + 8GB DDR4, so, it is not that bad. We had only one dude in our team, who had a very bad PC, but the dude... His nick is Numkey and he left our team in 2022 (20+ months ago), his PC was Athlon 64 X2 4400+, GT630, 2GB DDR2-667MHz... Now we would not check minimum system requirements, 'til I build a PC for that (now I have no money for that btw). I will share info about our games on YouTube (if I will make 'em...). So, see you, guys. Now I have some enthusiasm, so, I will use it... Bye!)

BTW: 6th freeze is so good)))

lmao. 6 months ago last comment. All versions will be removed, when I made real version of this game. It has been freezed because I have no time and other people from my team are 'sleeping' (they are just useless in my team, lol)

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hey! We are ready to do it. We are started developing a new game... Again... After 5 freezes... So, now we are wanna make it like Diablo or smth like that, cause it looks so nice for Action RPG. Also we'll make more than 3 acts for it. GLHF, my team! 
Secondly I wanna say you about new name. So, we did it 'cause our previous name was so strange... Always Running Games (in short ARG)... IDK when and why did it came to my head (btw, I am founder, lol. My nickname is Adventurier), but accept this fact. New name is Aftergate (by "After" and "Gate". Strange name, but it is easy and not that strange like previous name I guess). Next game development progress will be uploaded on our YouTube channel (link:
See you next week... May be... IDK, but today we would start making objects.
UPD: I forgot about one more thing. We will make our game beautiful, using ghibli trees. BB!

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Adventurier is here!

My MBP 13 E2011 HDD is gone... Sad, but true. So, I can not make an update for this game, 'cause our team have no people now: smb don't like those games, smb efficiency is nearly 0%. So, who is making the games now: Adventurier (coder, tester, sound designer, painter, localhost programer (prototype, not sure that we will add it, cuz it is crazy (+125 errs)), YouTube, Instagram, TikTok and Twitter channels moderator), SleepingNightKitty (code, test, sound, tiles), DeadlySwankySquid (tester and coder), MLord (TikTok channel second moderator) and RosEND (Tester)

UPD: I forgot about smth XD

So, I don't know when we will upload our game, but we will start our development in this spring.

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Adventurier is here!

I'll try to update this game, but now I am so busy, 'cause now our team making Dungeons Dweller. We are trying to make it better (soundtracks, textures, etc.) and optimize it for old laptops and PC (specs like AMD Athlon 64 X2 4400+ + GT 610 or somesthing like this (may be HD Graphics 3000)).

Thanks for reading!


UPD: I forgot about this thing: Mac version doesn't works (I don't know why, but it does not works. Next version will be full remake of this game. I'll save only idea, no more).

project has been freezed. Now we make a game about dungeons.

U can use it in your projects

Deadly Flower Fields:

nice cursor, bro)

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wdk, we won't update this game in 4 month. We so sorry

I'll play it again!)

Good game, cantusmori! I like visual novels

Okay :)

You will laugh XD

Now we have last alpha (14th). Next version will be 01010b (1st beta)

We made this game with minimum set up (Aventurier, Limp ro)


Next game will be on 1st of July, 2022. We will make it with our full set up (Aventurier, Numkey, SleepingNightKitty, DeadlySwankySquid)


Thanks for downloading and playing =)

Thank you, bro ;)

I'll use it in my game =)

thank you for game, bro. I am first, who made video about this game on Russian YouTube XD

Game was interesting. I would like to complete this game again :)

Thank you again!)

hahahah, bad XD

We made this game, but it is bad XD

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minimum system requirements?)

Nice game, bro. Thanks for game =)

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Heh, now we have zombies and AI for them. Tomorrow I'll make last update for alpha! Thanks for playing!)

Upd: not last =)

Heh, hehehe, where are the zombies? XD