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and where is that cause I had NO arms since the beginning of the game.

I can't tell if it's a bug or not but every now and then I can only attack one body part until it disappears and it gets really frustrating during boss fights where I NEED to attack the arms and legs and it targets the main body which has several times as much health.

Like no matter how much I move the selector it always stays on a certain body part

What bed and in what level? I killed the yellow mages and they only had soul stones.

I also have a bug to report!

It happens every now and then! When I kill an enemy and it kills me in the last move before it disappears, I sometimes don't die.

What I mean by this is that my character is considered dead and his health is zero whenever I bring up the character screen! I cant use any items on him but his hunger and mind still go down. Whenever I enter  battle within this dead state, My character appears dead and they skip his turn. Within a few turns, he's considered  dead and the game ends.

Its minor but it still happens every now and then.

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What am I supposed to do? I'm in the city of gods and I don't know what to do! I think I'm supposed to fight the Grandma boss but I can't beat it as I have no arms (Really bad RNG) and D'arce only has one and the little girl isn't much help. I'm running out of food and slowly I'm slowly dying from hunger. Is there anyway to get the Outlander as a follower or the Dark Priest? 

Also does the Crow Emblem Key go anywhere? I managed to defeat most of the side bosses (Crow mauler, That weird bird thing, etc , etc ) mostly by having D'arce using Miasma (Got from a glitch that allowed me to attack the door leading to it repeatedly) 

Overall  Great Game and Amazing Atmosphere!