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The artwork and programming were amazing and well-suited the situation. Although there are some effect that I would like it to be shorter since it made the scene kinda been drag out.

I just wish the storytelling was given more depth, such as more background on Fuyu (my guess is that he is written based on Yuki-onna forklore, you can let Haru been warned about it, but ended up didn't suspect anything since this Yuki-onna is a male and not a female, this is only my suggestion since it is kinda weird when he did not know anything regarding himself at the end either lol), more choices and dialogue branches, and it would be more fun if he was a little evil haha (leave her to dead if she left, ask something exchange for the flower), but consider it was only made for the VN Jam, it can't be help.

After all, I enjoy playing this, it has potential. If your team ever considers to make it to a full version, I shall looking forward to it and give you all support I can. :)

I'm obsessed with this. Gorgeous art, interesting story, with a lovely writing. Such a long time since I played a decent otome and far more worth paying for than many commercial titles out there. Just saying, I would happy give in my money if you ever decide to. Only wish that Laurent show me more affection. :( Looking forward to the Avulsion. You did a great work. :)

At last, I finished the game. I don't dislike it, but cannot say I adore it either. The romance seems rush, after a small chit chat, suddenly they have a crush on each other. The atmosphere nor the feeling of Rue are not being described pretty well, such as that time when she had her first kiss, I didn't even realize what had just done if not thanks to the sound effect.  Regarding the story, I'm not sure how I feel, I understand what you tried to do there but it kinda not makes any sense at the same time, it also reminds me of a certain title from Otomate games thou I shall not mention here to avoid spoiler. And Aiden, my boi, I would have chosen him first without a heart beat if you let me, despise how much I favor him, I don't really understand his struggle. If he already made up his mind and agreed on something like that, he should have went all for it rather than think what would be best for Rue. Dude, I appreciate your concern but don't decide for me. I would rather him try his best to win her over again than seeing him back down like a coward. So my favorite shall be Aiden > Thrace > Kadan > Roxas > Iandir. I suprisingly like Thrace in his route, thou he acted all nice so sudden. Kadan and Roxas are so-so, I would like to have some comment on their route to but the review is long enough already. And Iandir, his route kinda not makes any sense.

Afterall, I do enjoy playing this, but I think it could have been much more better due to the amount of time it consumed. I know it's your first game so there are still alot to go in the future, I hope you shall continue to improve day by day and I'm looking forward to your next title.

Hey, good to be back. Such a long time since the first time I laid eyes on this game when you released the first demo. Gonna enjoy this and feedback later. Congrats~

I'm desperate for this game. T_T I even went to replay the previous Nusantara. T_T I hope it keeps going well and the day I happily throw my money at you for the official release will come soon. :3

Replayed the game for the 3rd times and it's still as good as ever. The heroine is very related lmao. Just love it.

I hope this sequel will have more romance scenes and interactions than the previous Royal Alchemist. I mean, it's the main reason we come to otome games right? The otome without good story-driven is not a good otome, but an otome with lacking romance is not different from other visual novel as well.

Wow I still remember the time you said you got a bf when he confessed to you at the zoo (if i remember it right) and now he's your fiance, how time flies. Congrats~ :">

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Wow, okay, so I like all LIs so far, except for the main character. :) I know you tried to make her to be a strong female protagonist, and I can't quite agree with that. She can be lazy, and hate her job all she wants, but I wish she thinks before saying or doing something, and maybe do something on her own instead of let Sebastien handle everything for her? :) She just looks like a stupid spoiled child to me. :) I really really hope that there will be some character development in the official release, if not, well I feel bad for all the LIs to be honest. :)

Edit: forgot to mention, love the art and bgm so much, very detailed and handled with care. <3

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I think you should back up your data to somewhere in case something like this happen again. :( Better safe than sorry.

I'm wondering when will the game be out? Do you guys have an estimated date? :3

Thanks for your hard work!

Can't wait for it! :3 But I hope the romance will be longer than it is in this game. :( Still, great game thou. :3 Thanks again for your hard work!

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Hi, bought this game on Steam and it's amazing. Wish it would last forever so I could keep playing it. :( Just wondering if you guys plan on making new otome game in the future? :3

Btw, I dunno if it's a bug or not but somehow some of the CGs I unlocked didn't show up in the gallery. Not the big deal thou, I finished the game but still want to take a look once in a while since they are so gorgeous. :3 Guess I will just buy the artbook. XD

At first, the art caught my eyes, it looks very elegant and unique compares to other games recently so I decided to try the demo out and I'm glad I did.

Everything looks great (the art, the GUI, etc) and the music is very pleasant. I like that we gotta choose the character's background, and the approval system, reminds me of Dragon Age series. The idea of having someone soul in mine is also a plus, it's like having a bestie you know, to gossip and have girls's talks about guys, Lionel is not an option since he's also a LI, sorry mate.  XD There's not much I can say about the story or the heroine since this demo is too short but the writing seems decent to me. I hope she's a smart and funny person, in other words, has personality,  'cause there's nothing more frustrating than playing an MC that's nothing more than a pretty doll.

Overall, I love it so far, looking forward to the extended demo with all the LIs. :) I tried my best to express my opinions in words, hope I didn't fuck up my English too much, it's not my first language. XD

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I'm desperate for one! Have just finished my first play through with Markus and only managed to achive 2 of his cgs, not even his nsfw one! Guess I got the not-so-good ending too since Saorise ruled over and the other houses were forced to join or leave, when my Markus left me with his toy shop and went on a "vacation". I want to replay but honestly, I have no idea what's going on, he was so hard to read and with all that visions and vivid dreams in between, I don't know what to choose anymore. T_T

Awesome! Have we got to see the romance in this extended demo yet? Again, thank you all for your hard work. :D

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My neighbor is renovating their house too but I'm kinda used to it so there's no big deal if I'm not in bad mood already. xD You can try working at a coffee shop/public library or even your boyfriend's house (Ov<b) if you can't stand it. And yeah, GoT season 8 is over but if Tyrion is your favorite, you may want to re-watch these old seasons because Tyrion at the moment only makes joke about "balls". -_-

I thought it would be better without color but I was wrong, that CG is gorgeous. :O

Actually, episode 2 is already out as well. xD Who is your favorite character? :p

I'm excited to see how a guy like Markus fall in love. :">

Yeah, it's ridiculous hot these days. It used to be rain season around this time of the year but it hasn't rained for 6 months already. I feel like I'm roasted in my own house. You take care of yourself too. :(

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Due to this post (4/1 Update: ANNOUNCING NEW PROJECT), they said that they would put the development of Red Embrace: Hollywood on indefinite hiatus in order to focus on their new project, but then later continued to update on Markus's route and estimated its completion date around April 9 (Markus 80% complete). I'm confused.

Does the mission change if we are in different house? It would be weird if a Golgothan tries to disrupt their own meeting right? :'D

Interesting plot. I wanted to play right away but decided to wait patiently for version 1.0 to be released. xD

oh? oh? did someone confess to you? :3

I suggest you advertise your game in other sites such as, it's well-known and she helped with advertising funding project before.

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Hi, I played the demo and still figuring out my feelings toward this. Rei is not what I imagined, and his voice actor made him sound like an irritated teenager to me tbh, though he did a good job in expressing different emotions. Btw, I love the voice acting of the twins, very quality.

The plot is weird. Rei was "frustrated by one unsolved murder after another" so he killed too??? Copy the killing to be exact, to lure the killer out or something??? What??? What's the point of resolving the case if you just kill more people???

The romance was kinda rush, it just came out of nowhere, I mean should we set up the mood first? But instead, it was like "hey I bought you a sandwich then BAM! *pin him to the wall* and continued talking" ??? :D??? or "hey I gotta go - let's play roleplaying *hugged him and kissed*" what???

The writing is so-so, a little boring maybe, but I could keep going thanks to the voice acting, if not for it then I wouldn't bother reading tbh if it's not important, but I love the BG music, the title screen bgm to be exact.

So overall, I don't know, I think I enjoyed playing it so far, but so many things bugged me in between. ^^; Anw, thank you for your work, I'm looking forward to the next update.

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1) Not important to me, but have one would be nice, a keychain maybe?

2) Aiden. I have the feeling that there's more to say about him than the others. He's my favorite as well. :3

3) I don't get what you mean. You said 1 year per route and since we have 5 love interests, it will take your team 5 years to complete this game? @@

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Er didn't notice this!

Thrace, wow, he's more... considerate than I thought? xD

Kadan, I think our girl can handle him just fine.

Iandir, what's so popular about being a centaur? I mean, doesn't we have someone/something that's more stand out, like a dragon, lol?

Roxas, I will just borrow Kadan's quote "It's like taking for a roundabout."

Aiden, to be honest, when I first saw the background and the sfx, I thought the MC walked into Aiden when he was... taking shower LOL by the river or something. xD Well, that was cute. :3

Finally, thanks for your update! We appreciate your hard working. :'3

Ah, you're right, I totally forgot about that, both Kickstarter and Patreon are only available to individuals in the US, what a shame.

Yes! I will absolutely let the others know! I want to play this game!!!

I'm sorry, I didn't mean that it's not good, but more accurately, it didn't impress me since I've experienced games with voice acting that's way good than it, but those games, on the other hand, were invested more so it's understandable. If you want to go in detail, I think the guy that voiced Aiden did a good job in expressing different emotion, the same can go with Thrace and his Britain accent did make him more... full of himself? xD Roxas has a sexy voice, the rest are just so-so I guess.

Oh, one more thing I forgot to mention that I think the scene change was too sudden, I mean one second ago, it was morning and I was out on the road, then BAM! it was dark and we were camping. xD It was kinda abrupt, in my opinion, maybe you can add an animation that the sky color changes from light to dark? xD  Well, it's just me though.

Anyway, thanks for your reply, that was fast. I guess it's late in Singapore so I hope you get a good night sleep. ;) Your game is amazing. <3

Hi, I just found out about this gem today and decided to try out the demo even though the art is not really my style but absolutely looks decent. And surprisingly, I LOVE IT! I didn't expect much but it was fun. The chemistry between characters was great and natural, and hilarious af, every single one of them was stand out and unique by their own way, made the romance options more interesting than ever. xD And for the MC, I love her,  and the way she deals with things, well, at least in the demo, she was in a weird group and she hanged out with them just fine. The BG is absolutely gorgeous, really give out the fantasy and medieval vibe. And the voice acting, to be honest, not good, but I'm surprised that you guys recorded every sentences, like, seriously, all of them, and I thought that it was really awesome, not many people willing to do it just for the demo, thank you. So overall? I LOVE IT, I LOVE IT, I LOVE IT *important thing needs to repeat 3 times xD* I can't wait to play this game in the future, so I hope the donation will go well, but I wonder why did you guys choose Indiegogo over Kickstater? Well, because I see many projects in this genre usually are uploaded on Kickstater more, this is the first time I heard of Indiegogo to be honest. xD  

lol I thought so too xD

At first, the thing that drawn me in your game was the art, but after finishing chapter 1, I fell for the plot and its characters. I love the chemistry between Luna and Neil, reminds me so much of Ib and Garry. Can't wait for chapter 2. :'3

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Omg I LOVE THIS! The art is not my style at first, but the more I play, the more I find it beautiful~ Actually, from all of those screenshots, the one that caught my eyes and made me decide to play this game is the one with the monster crawling out from the crack. XD About the plot, I don't know how to feel about it yet but it's sure full of surprises and well written. :'3 Usually, I can predict the character's behavior quite good but not in this case it seems. ^^; Anyway,  can't wait for the full release to court my baes! Hell, even if this game was commercial one, I would be gladly give my money to you. Keep up the good work! OvOb

Yep, the nightmare named 'spring cleansing' every Lunar New Year. It used to take us weeks to finish due to my perfectionism that wanted to rearrange and clean every small details of them but not anymore since I have got so lazy lately. XD

Awww doggos~♥ I always want to have a pet but it has to wait till I move out. ^^; And yes, those water bottles are cute, I got the similar one at the theater but it's not as cute as yours. :'3

P.S. People at my age doesn't get red envelopes anymore, my parents still give them to me but honestly I don't really want to take since they already retired. And I hate all of my relatives, I'm glad we moved to another city 2 years ago so I don't have to meet them anymore. Believe me, I'm not overreacting here.

Anyway, only a couple weeks left, I hope you already got yourself new clothes, and maybe consider changing your hairstyle? XD I'm looking forward to hearing from you soon. ^^-

I love the artstyle, I love the atmosphere, but it took up too much time to move from one place to another. And I don't know how to feel about the story, I got the B ending and watched the rest on Youtube and I think my ending is the best of it all. Though I still don't know why he did what he did. I have my theories but it's still confusing. Overall, I enjoyed playing it so far, thank you. ^^-

Interesting idea but the content was too linear.

I finished playing the demo last night and have to say it was very satisfied. Unlike other raising stats game, you guys added events every weeks, made it very enjoyable to play through instead of trying hard to reach the requirement. Those missions and alchemy items are indeed interesting ideas as well. :3 Both the art and the writing are really... elegant. They bring up the vibe that made me comfortable just by looking and reading. So far, this game meets up to the expectations that I have been seeking in this genre. OvOb

P.S. This demo is great but I would like to know more how the romance works, or maybe a little bit of its writing when we play someone's route. :')

Hey, thank you for updating~ It's good to know the progress is going well :3 Keep up the good work! OvOb

Will you put it on Steam? My PayPal currently has only $5...