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problem is, how do I check if the game is made with 1 script if its a browser game?

5 days until the voting starts!

Hmmm, mechanics are a bit clunky, the player is hard to control...

Gamma 1 is gonna release soon, which will make the game almost finished except for random generation, which will come in Gamma 2b

Have only ONE script file in the entire project that controls everything.

has to be made using 1 script

Yes! I love this! :D

Thank you!

Yeah, the game has been in development since January, so its really early. But expect a big game in the future!

random generation isnt done yet, so the map stops after the window guy.

Hope you like the preview!

I was. I have the bell activated on twitter >:)

You should add like an "item" text to the use item button, as when I played it for the first time, I was a bit confused about what it did.