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I randomly found your channel on youtube

I was near to escaping the island with the boat, but I wanted to kill the boss. So I searched a random number generator on google. 1 = Escape, 2 = Boss. I think google wanted to kill me cause I got 2

Please add English quick because I cant play your game and It looks very fun

they are in the description

You should add a warning that you cant come back in the 2d ladder because I was doing well and I lost everything.

I am sorry but I cant fix it because I don't have the files of that version of the game. just the exe that I cant edit. You have to wait till I release the next version. :-( but thanks for playing my game. I didn't even think that anyone would play my game. I'd appreciate it if you could check some other games that I made.

try the game in a virtual machine to see if it works

If you find any bugs or glitches please post them in the comments