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No, it`s false positive! I guarantee you that...

You can also download on my website:

Thousands have downloaded so far without issues...

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Hi, yeah, this game is really sexual and erotic but simple. Not much story going on. But, my next game will be more story driven, with more gameplay elements and will be a sequel to this, although standalone...

it's out already(on my Patreon), just need to post it here on itch...

Hi, thank you for feedback. 

Some users requested different service then mega, thats why I decided to try with

Will switch back to Mega!!!

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Thank you. Yeah, thanks for the suggestion. I get that a lot... Wait for upcoming updates in ep3 and maybe ep4, they will be more open to their "releationship" ;)

New versions of ep1 and ep2 now have stats screen! At the end of ep1 you will get stats with points. Also 2 times in ep2 you will get that also...

Consult with walkthrough if you want to know correct choices...


you can start ep2 from new game without playing ep1 with full stats.(not recommended because of the story)

You earn points with correct choices...

Thats strange. First time hearing about that problem.

 I`m not sure how I could help you there even tho I would like ...

I suspect there is some problem with corrupted files or PC issues...

Episode 1 is tricky!(need to score 9/10) You can send me an email to, I will gladly help you. Also, consult with walkthrough!!!

Hmm, I`m using Speed should reach gbps!!!


I guess its some issue with Mega and phone !? My only suggestion is to download game from PC or something then transfer .apk to phone...

Thank you, glad you enjoyed it!

I`m working on the next release but it`s still in early stage... Maybe late August!?...

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seems that link is down(for some reason) I`m uploading new file now!(Should be done in an hour or so!)

Thanks for letting me know....