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ye, the soundtrack was never added to this game. In the last 3 hours I managed to start over and make another entry which uses the music, maybe check that one out=)

Yeah, balacing difficulty for multiple input devices was a big problem I wasn't able to solve:)

Yes, that's definitly a thing I should've done :)

WOW, thats a pretty big score:) It really shows how bad I am at managing difficulty... A friend told me it was really hard, another one it was really easy, so I just let it like this:)


Balacing it for both touchpads and mouses was a challenge I wasn't able to solve

it was 2 AM and I had to package it, so because right next to where I live theres a coffe shop called "5 to go" I decided to call this "5 gifts to go" (even if it doesn't make sense in terms of the gameplay)



Thanks a lot!

Thanks a lot! 

Thanks :D

    Thanks :3

    Thanks for the feedback!

    And the accuracy  = vampiers killed / total number of creatures killed *100

   Thanks for the feedback! 

    Also, a qiock tip if you want to cheat: you can bring the dev console by pressing t a few times. After that, you can write commands like "axios hp number" , "axios score number" , "axios set warp number" (the startinf warp is 0.1) and even "axios set G number". (The console was an easter egg, but looks like nobody found it)

    Again, thanks for the feedback!

    Thanks for the feedback!!! Ill definitly play and rate your game when ill have some free time!

Thanks a lot:)

    Thanks for the feedback! Ill definitly play yours! 

    Idk, (im making this out rn, dont take it seriously) the portal gun makes small portals, so the planets are "mini" i guess?

     Also, ill make a trailer soon, ill try to do my best to make you instantly get what the game is 30 secs

    Again, thanks for the feedback!

    Thanks for the feedback! Ill definitly play yours!!!

    Also, about the "mini-planets", idk, the fact that you can control the universe from a cmd (press "t" a few times to open it) (u can write commands like: "axios set warp 0.1", "axios set G 10" and "axios hp 200") makes the planets seem small? (Idk, i cant think at anything better for the "mini" part)

    During the night, you have "limited visibility";)

   Thanks for the feedback!!!

    Thanks for the feedback!

    Yes, clicking on meteors doesnt spawn the portals. 

    Well, the speed is increased at 10 points, than at 30 , than at 60, than at 100 and so on. 

    Also, if you just want to play with it,  you can also bring up the secret dev console (press t a few times) and call "axios hp number", "axios score number" or even "axios set warp number" ( the min and starting speed are 0.1)

   Again, thanks for the feedback!!!

    Im happy you liked it! 

    Because i didnt have much time, i wasnt destorying "dead" planets. When ill have some free time ill definitly do that .

     I only tested in chrome, so i'm happy about it working in edge (it has some bugs on firefox).

    Do rings become fast from the first play or after your press play again? I was encountering a bug with the ring speed not beeing reseted.

     If you have any more suggestions ill definitly like to hear them!

(Also, a little easter eggs, press "T" a few time and you get a dev console, sadly the help command isnt fully implemented so its kinda hard to figure it out, but you can use commands like "axios hp 1000"  , "axios score 200" ,  "axios set warp 0.1" (0.1 is the starting speed) or even "axios set G 10". 

     Originally i wanted to make a game where you have a cmd that controls the universe, but i decided to do this instead, however, i didnt want to throw the cmd away , so its till in there. 

    Now i realised i wrote a giant message, sorry...

thanks for the feedback!


well, it looks like itch blocks external links...

thanks a lot! This week ill make an upsate and ill also include your suggestion!

or maybe make a yt vid with me playing it and playing it in the background of the main menu?

For me it was easy (most probably) because i made it and played it all day.... I gotta thing about others too:)

Thanks! Did you get it till the end?

ill update it next week to exlain how to do it, thanks for the feedback

owo, i love the enviroment from your game, but i just cant find the heart in the 3rd level....., still , really cool game!

Thx i guess, i didnt have time to add a goal, so i just submited it like this XD

well  ,i didnt have any time to make a goal, so i just submited it like this:)

Ill definitly play yours

Ill play yours later today:)

Later today ill have some free time and ill rate yours:)

Ill play yours later today:)

thanks:) i didnt really have time to make a tutorial or something to explain the game, but ill definitly come back to it one day!

thanks, i didnt have enaught time to actually make a goal for it:)

i understand that 90% of the games are made with unity, but some (including me) made them directly in the web.

(Btw, play my game here:

im really sorry,ill add this option tomorrow