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This is super fun! I second the desire to have multiple CPUs on the market -- only having one is super limiting. Also, I don't know if this is just me, but after I set my marketing I couldn't figure out how to modify it? Beyond that, I really enjoyed the game even with the features it has currently, and am excited to see new features added!

[DV] Day 1 - 1/7/16

Today I made a rectangular box that mostly expands to fit the screen! Really this was just setting up PixiJS for the first time and getting the basis for the project. It was a rather busy day for me outside of coding, so I didn't really get much done today. On the good side, I did find a good tutorial walking me through PixiJS and am fully set up to making a complete title screen and a finance screen.


As you can see, it doesn't look at that impressive, but there's the framework I need hiding behind it so all's good! Making it fully responsive was fun, too. Once you resize the window it keeps looking great, and that's what counts.


A casual shelter simulator game. You run a shelter, take in animals, and manage the finance of the shelter! It's not heavy on game play since this is the first game I will be making.


Drag furniture - 0% - arrange your shelter in the way you want! where's the reception? what furniture do you have? how big / extant are the animals rooms or cages? do you have a vet area? i dont know if i'll be able to implement all of these furniture/rooms?

Finance screen - 0% - see where your money is coming from and how its leaving. this is the main "balancing act" screen.

Choose color theme - 0% - most of the shelter will be the same color, but spice it up a bit with choosing between pink, blue, etc. should be possible for any color

Various other specific mechanics as I work out details / remember them.


This will be an HTML 5 game, coded from "scratch" using PixiJS. Pixels will generally be open source, and I'll compose a list of credits at the end. I may make a few of my own resources, if possible. In addition to the Devlogs present here, my HTML5 game is hosted on Cloud 9, and you can see all code as I edit it here. A general file tree can be found here.

1. I'm Drew! I'm a sophomore in high school. I'm rather busy but really enjoy playing games, and have always wanted to make some fun, simple games.

2. Nope! I was probably ultra busy back then, and I wasn't really heavily involved with gaming back then. Right now I feel more in control of my life and want something productive to spend my free time on. This seems like a good way to organize myself, etc.

3. Generally casual or lifestyle games catch my fancy. I enjoyed a lot of the concept behind Dandelion by Cheritz. I really like designing Sims! There's also various RPG Maker games that I really love, such as Homework salesman. In terms of popular games, my main favorite right now is definitely Undertale. I can't particularly pinpoint a game that has made me want to make my own, though. ;;

4. Not much! In the past I've mucked around with free versions of RPG Maker, but I haven't done anything close to game development before. I do have a ton of experience with programming, though not for games.

5. Ah I'm passionate about a lot of things! Related to this in particular, I'm really passionate about animal rights and programming in general. I really love cute things? I don't know. Unrelated, I love reading books and drawing. ??? I'm not really good at stating my likes, actually.

Thought that might be the case, but figured I should offer anyways.

What version of RPGMaker are you using to make this? I'm not that versed in them so I can't tell...

I really love these games? I'm currently marathoning them, but I'm going to go back through later and look at everything closer later. Everything is just so cute!! If nobody else is offering, I might at some point contact you about translating these games into Spanish or something....

Took a while to figure out the controls (I couldn't figure out how to switch floors!) but it's a fun game! Love the concept, it's hilarious.