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ahh this made me cry happy tears, thank you for your effort. your point on resilience is a good one and I want to be more resilient now

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I should've written this comment a while ago.

I played this half a year ago, and yet I've thought back to it way more than once.  I even remember playing it several times on the same day and being pleasantly surprised that the words, though mostly same, still change subtly. Not as in what the choices make happen but the word choices. I love that touch.

Though I can't relate to Ivory's personality and though I was mad at him for Min's sake, the ending still made me tear up. Ivory's story engulfs me in a bittersweet feeling... even if I can't figure him out at  all. (and after replaying today, still cannot)

(in fact after replaying I find myself realizing again how much I am Min, so it's interesting how I feel much more for Ivory)

asadgl'; I'm sorry I can't word stuff but this really touched me!! The feeling of weary resignation but hope for the future is so well captured and I legit feel it again everytime I think back to this!

sorry this is getting long but yeah. This is  great, Ivory's great, you're great! :D

ooooh what do we have here~ <3 

I loved the Cipherhunt, and I love this retelling of it!! I agree that this format is more interesting than an essay.

CUTE! I love this so much, even if I didn't read the fic beforehand.

I love you. I've always wanted to date this gross— nevermind I can't lie about that. But I still appreciate this with all my heart. You're a good person


thank you! I hope twine 2.x is supported later on! 

I'm not sure what I did, or if it was the game, but the dialogue looped right at the end for me. At the part where Doglas says "I think I know who the mastermind of this case is", the next line is Max repeating the usual "Welcome back, Detective!" and so on and so on. I've clicked for a while now and I'm sure it's not going to proceed.

But before that part I really enjoyed this game. I love the worldbuilding of this dog world that's been created, and also Max is adorable. 10/10 borks. Plus I've had this hunch of who was the killer from the start and everything I've found out so far seems to point in that direction :D