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so what route was updated?

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in jun house when playing games or getting a game of  the shelf or what is it what is good choice  and sorry if i sound bad iam from Czech republic

is there a guide or something? please

is there a guide ?

is there day 4 for Parker?

is here a guide or something?

do know why only on this game i have some background purple and green and some are normal  ? i search on internet and nothing help please

i thouth you forgot this game but its ok that you didnt had time  and sorry for bad english

when will be update?

i have android and it will froze and than crash when gear say :LINK START!

Please help i dont know but i was playing that android game and some background pictures were  only green and pink and some normal than i looked  in that apk and there were normal bere is picture how they look and sorry for my nad english