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Hey! Doesn't work for me either, but the direct link works, it's still the same since I first uploaded it. Could be an glitch? Anyway, the direct link is:

Have fun!

This is actually quite fun. Made it to wave 5 after a couple of tries, and would definitely play this once in a while if there was more variation enemy- and especially level-wise. Nice graphics, fitting music and sound, easy but engaging concept. This has some potential.

Made it through on second try!

Very interesting concept, also like the fact that music and background change when switching the maze. From the tech side, procedurally generating these mazes is definitely a nice touch!

This is super weird and kind of awesome. Music and graphics add up nicely, details like the jumping mountains top it off. Destructible terrain is definitely cool too. Made it to the end and would have played more, if there were more levels :) Neat!

This game is really hard. Didn't make it past 15 seconds to be honest. Not necessarily a bad thing though!

I really like that you managed to create something small with pretty much just one gameplay ingredient that still works and is fun for a while. Also +1 for using Tilemaps API to programmatically generate an endless level and going all in with low-res :)

Next time though, if you're doing a game where you die a lot, make sure the player doesn't have to wait for several seconds to retry (in this case by delaying the level begin) or it gets frustrating really fast!