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Adam Pajor

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Sorry for the late reply!

Nah, it's not a big deal and thanks for the suggestion. Never thought about the menu keyboard control problem. The menu doesn't have mouse support at all currently. It works with keyboard and Xbox 360 controller, but it's a good point that maybe it can be confusing if you don't already know the controls. Also I know I forgot to add the weapon stats screen button for the controller, it works with keyboard by pressing shift. Not the most self explanatory thing though thanks to the not so clear icons.

I don't know when I'll implement the on-line scoreboard. I am working on a generic login/scoreboard that if I'll be happy with, then I can implement it to the game. Actually it's working, I can register, and log in, I different queries are working. So all I need is to copy that into this game... though I am thinking about the name and password input method (mainly because of the controller support). Now this simple prototype thing is generic keyboard only thing.

Also since it's out of the jam, probably I'll add 16:9 support because why not?

6.579... Couldn't do better yet. It's very difficult!

Haha, yeah, I loved that reference! Great game!

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Ah, the movement feels a lot better! Much smoother!

Wow, I accidentally released a version which started from a hellish 15th wave...
My apologies!

Fixed by v1.1-pre2.

New contents will be added soon! Including an epic boss fight!

Ah, too bad, it looks nice! I had a similar problem with my game. I totally underestimated the needed time for it, and while I published a working game, it's far from what I planned. I had to cut out many things from it.

I really enjoy reading the development log.

Well the features list doesn't lie... Except I won't be able to prove the 26 levels fact... but are they painful? Yes, absolutely! Some minor improvements would mean a lot!

For some reason, it doesn't read any input from my keyboard. A previous version worked well.

Aw... it looks good and fun. I would have loved to try this out. That description though! I hope you'll be fine and you'll publish this or any other game outside of this jam!

I'm on a mission to rate most of the games submitted to #LOWREZJAM I really like the screenshots, too bad it wasn't finished. Looks promising! :/

Was it cancelled or I'm just blind and I can't see any download links? I'm trying to test and rate as much #LOWREZJAM games as possible.