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And holding left/right on thin platforms lets you floa

You can infinitely jump when under a platform

This game was not safe from my glitching shenanigans either

Just make sure you set your file as "Playable in browser (WebGL)" in


It says Windows WebGL. There is a tool that let's you convert your scratch game to HTML, meaning you can probably use that to build a package and post it there. As long as it's compatible with browser I think they will count it:

I was about to roast you the hardest I roasted 💀

I know this has been a while but it would be cool if looking down gave you an upward force when letting go of the grapple, kind of like pulling on the grapple to go faster.

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they never said it was a remake, just an applab game

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It's super satisfying to fill the whole screen

yes this is specificly for quest i think

Or Amaze file manager

Well you can find a temporary fix which is stupid but it works most of the time. If you switch to a different network, it might not always work, but switching to a worse network for some reason fixes the problem for me, and might for you too.

No, you need some special emulator which you can't make for VR because of software limitations don't just say something without looking into it.

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Look up a tutorial on how to get amaze file manager or CX file manager, and use one of them to install the game after you install it on your quest or quest 2.

Use CX or Amaze file managers or use VR Mobile Station, there's tutorials on these and how to use them.

Don't forget that you have to verify using a personal information.

Well your desperate for anything, I can tell. But here's one thing: it's just a cosmetic that makes you look cool, it's not something you need to beg for.

you cant play it by just installing it, you need to get the apk file onto unkown sources using amaze file manager or mobile vr station (watch a tutorial)

Install are restart the game, make sure to use 5G, 4G don't work on this

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please put this on the store

I made this comment on a switch, I have no idea if this will upload to the itch io servers or not.

if you turn your sensitivity all the way down, grab the sword, puase, turn sensitivity up, the sword goes really fast

I really did not expect this

Your making a game?

why have you deleted the web version


easy mode.exe stopped working, please avoid getting a black screen by selecting easy

finally i finished!

You can fly, and it only counts as one jump. very over powered

Maybe the build didnt include the set varaible, that or the dev didnt set the variable at all.

feels like a puzzle game

no, i got bored. but i got the strategy.its to bump into corners to slow down as much as possible

Im gonna rage quit? i dont think so, i dont rage as much.

Wow, a lot of changes were made!