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Noice i got them all 

Practice makes perfect

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wow you just gave a big spoiler and free tip (about this secret passage... where is it)

cube bit adventure: 14607

try  beating it.

its my first level btw

now its fixed


i didnt think about that...

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for the slopes just do

if touching Upside_slope


    if gamemode = cube

        Y += 0.15;



yes but um how is this a music piece      this is a music jam not a game jam?


Please send the feedback here


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hello there, i was wondering if i could use the music made for this jam in one of my games.

maybe if i dont get 1st i can use it?

Just tell me if i could use it and what conditions i could use it for.

if its free to use at anytime dont say anything about conditions or events

i didn't see the "Put your name in the soundtrack." sorry and its uneditable now.

Um, i dont want the prize but would still like to enter. if i end up winning, give it to second place

really good, but theres random waves of asteroids you cant do anything about :/

im  15th, Also i too like to enter theese Gam JAMS peanutbutter game jam.

Me, and yes ive seen that voting system -_-.

hello, im 11 :)


btw he ate the meat sandwiches when i gave it to him if it was fresh for 1 second.

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you think its impossible? i'll try and beat it

This game should be on nintendo!

The theeemee ssooooo clossseee to be announced :)

Wow, This Game Is Great! Really Like The Use Of Unity Joints And Magnet Components!

GAS station, Tool, and scratch jam. check it out

Im always doing jams, actually. i have about 4 open in less than a month

/(H - I)\

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Like i said, i cant join you. im just tryna help everyone out befoore the jam. i have my own game i wanna program. also, if your looking for 3d, then turtle graphics is just 2d.  and its not compatible with unity.  i dont have discord either, so thats 2 reasons i cant join. but, one final tip, if you want to use turtle with tkinter, watch up a video, and you can use tkinter canvas + turtle.  /?=Turtle Graphics Tutorials here...

hello. i am a master at python with the Turtle Graphics Module. i cat join as a team, as i have my own game ideas myself :(

But, if you like, i can give you a txt on this turtle module and python features.

The Theme Is revealed at the beginning, because it would be cheating for people to make it before the jam starts :)

C or C++:


Game with python:

Read The Turtle Module, Its Helpful :)

This is a graphics Design Just For Games!

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I'll Help You With Unity: (Not A Team, A Quick TUT For You)

Rigidbodys are key to make players, physical objects, and colliders.

if you want to freeze it from turning, type a line like this:

public Rigidbody NameOfRigidbody;

void FixedUpdate()


    NameOfRigidbody.freezeRotation = true;


and use joints, transforms and detections to make the most out of your Game : )

Wow, this image is actually what inspired the design for my gas model.

K, Just Wondering Because I Would Probably Want To Finsih it... Thanks!

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This Jam Has a great theme :) its easy and understandable to make. thanks, been looking for this all along. By The Way, Can I Make This  A Public Game, Or Is This Legally Owned By You?

ACM is my name, lol

welp, you rage quit out of my game fast, lol. you got a playtime of 1 minute in my game >_

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well, under 3 hours said to be more elidgible to get 1st, plus im new new to coding still. and now

Hello, Ive submitted my game, but just so you know, wont screen the whole thing. sorry about that