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I got two things on my mind: Small 'n' cute characters and long gameplay with a lot of searching around.

Heh. Anyways, I really enjoyed it, though I would say it was a bit of an exhaustive process finding everything I needed and talking to the right people until I could find the protagonist's friend...

...but somehow, despite that, it was still somewhat fun to play through, considering the quirky humor and the woes of each of the townsfolk.

So, yeah. It was pretty nice.

While this wasn't exactly the most complex or dramatic, with not much more than a few goals and bits of a storyline to follow through by what I can see, I thought this was pretty nice to play. The art and music are incredibly simple yet incredibly honest and straightforward in what they represent.

So, put simply, I enjoyed it. I'd love to play more of this kind of stuff to relax with.

Forgot to reply, woops. I got the request! Glad to be speaking with you all.

This was a really cute game, honestly. While yeah, it was a bit short, I was mildly surprised when I realized this was almost like a bullet hell of sorts, and dodging all the tears and worries was pretty fun.

It's actually kinda relaxing.

I like that there's a variety of ways to deal with the urge to cry, and that you can handle it by relying on someone else, or try your best to hold it in or avoid it entirely to get through the day, or even just letting it all out by running into them.

There was no spectacle, no dramatic plot or endeavor, just you and your own feelings, with no interference. That's what made this work so well, in my eyes.

With that, I have to say, this was a pretty good job for it being your first game. It'd be nice to see what y'come up with next.

Seeya, and good luck on your future projects.

I think this was developed nicely, even if it was relatively short. Like a few others here, I'd say I would kinda like to see what a full game would turn out to be.

Having played through it a few times, I was happy I managed to keep Jolie alive on my second try, focusing on essentials like food and water, while giving her knowledge regarding what to hunt and what dangers lie ahead, along with first aid.

I'd say its strength is in the way you're challenged to provide for Jolie to keep her alive in the future, requiring a little intuition on what would be needed.

Essentially, the game's mere core concept is hooking me towards it.

So, I think I had a pretty good time with this one.

Well, damn.

That was a pretty nice experience.

Still adamant in saying it didn't quite spook me... well, for the most part, heh. I'll admit that was pretty nice and moody.

But despite that, all in all, I enjoyed it. The soundtrack's pretty nice, and I loved the work done here with the visuals and audio.

I might even say they compliment each other a little too well!

Great work. Really enjoyable.

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I'm kind of intrigued. I like the general concept of the game and think it has some pretty fair potential even as a demo. I'm a little excited to add on to it with some ideas of my own.

I could offer a couple things. I heard you didn't necessarily need composers, but i can still do some work with sounds and songs if you'd like. I have a Soundcloud up if you want to see my general style when making this sorta stuff:

I'm also somewhat of a pixel artist but I don't have a huge base of work in that since I've mostly just worked with typical digital art in my own style, but I can try my hand at pixel art for anything you need from textures, to UI or sprites for characters, I'd be happy to give it a shot. I don't have a site ready for an art portfolio, since I've never really felt like releasing my art for the world to see and all aside from track art for my music, but I can try and scrape together what I've made and show my work on Discord.

Though, I could send some images here now that I noticed the function. I'm using a different computer from where I've had most of my work, so sadly I'm kind of starting from scratch and don't have much to show aside from trying to save the images I've already made from wherever I've sent them. Anyhow, I've made a few art-related things recently (also wow these images are big):

Also, yeah, I've been playing Minecraft a bit. Designing landscapes and buildings is a pretty enjoyable passtime, though I'm not certain of what that entails (I don't know if I need some sort of program to perhaps create/edit 3D voxel environments, or if this is more of a design-based thing where I could help plan out the environment itself), so I can't guarantee anything apart from concepts on that end, until I can maybe get some more info, at least.

I'm fairly new to this, heh, but yeah. I'd like to help out and gain a bit of experience.

Looking forward to your response! >:O

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All sorts of places to share stuff, it seems.

Well, hiya! I'm a self-taught pianist and electronic music producer. It's a bit tough to describe what genre in particular my music fits, but generally, I'll hear it's something akin to a video game OST with a synthwave-esque feel. I guess it kinda varies, it's more or less just my own style for now, I guess.

Anyhow, I hope you'll check out the music I've released, which is on Soundcloud for the time being, until I can maybe get somethin' together and set up a Bandcamp page. Might be interesting, but I might wait until I put together an album.

I might try and work with some game devs someday, and I've been intrigued by the Game Jams hosted here, so if any developers are interested for a possible composer in the future, I've got a Discord account, so feel free to contact me by the tag Achromatism#9003.

Seeya then.

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Hmm. Seems like a good place to start.

Heya! Cool to be here and meet you all, hopefully this'll turn out well, I'm pretty new to this site and the community here, so it'll be great to see how things work around here.

I'm Achromatism, by the way. I create various things from music, art, poetry, maybe even some storytelling/writing, and hopefully in the future, animation.

My art skills have varied a little but generally are best demonstrated with pencil-on-paper traditional art from photorealism and anime-esque stuff to my own personal artstyle, as well as my pen-on-tablet digital art and monochromatic style.

With music, I've played around as a young self-taught pianist and composer on a concertina piano of sorts, and eventually migrated my way over to electronic music production and got a hold of Fruity Loops 11 by the age of 11 (hah, timing), and I've decided to run with my passion for music in a more serious manner ever since August of last year.

I'm more or less an amateur poet, rendering rough rhymes, and amassing alliteration just aft of sublime.

And with some of what I've envisioned, I wound up conjuring a story that represents my experience with life, and how I've perceived everything, as well as how people live their own lives. I've been really interested in finally making that vision come to fruition through my work, so, here I am.

I'd like to grow with you guys. Maybe this'll be a step for the better.

- - -

In the meantime, I have a couple things to share.

I've been releasing music for about a year now, you can check out the stuff I've made during that time on my Soundcloud page. I've actually just released a new song today as well, titled Apophenia.

And if you'd like to talk with me, whether you'd like to get to know me or have any inquiries of the sort, I prefer being contacted on Discord. My tag is Achromatism#9003.

Looking forward to get to know some of ya.