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it always was on, but anyway it just started showing up now days so guess it's itch io acting up.

If I click "view all by gillenew" some of your games are not listed. Even this game. The only way I found this is by google searching the name of this game and coming to this page.

Seriously needs a lot of polishing, The writing is not very good.

oh cool, I thought this place was abandoned since your last activity was march last year.

Are you still alive?

You're doing it wrong because I have done it and it works.

I just move real close to her face with WASD

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Just played it and it's so dang cute and so dang fun
but it was on mouse and keyboard. One bug I found
was when you holding pictures about to tear them 
and she chases after you and grabs it from you. 
The hand that held the picture will be stuck in the 
tear pose while the empty hand is free to move. 
The only way to fix this for me was to grab another 
picture and tear it then both hands go back to normal. I'll go play some more and see if I can find more bugs.

I'm not a developer lol

What can be found at the beginning of "Eternity", the end of "timE" and "spacE", the beginning of every "End", and the end of every "placE"

Lin is morning shift, android is afternoon and night shift I think

On the next release, include it with the script file so people can correct the dialogue.

random Victory bugs, dunno why but sometimes after winning a fight it says victory and supposed to send you back to the map but instead you just stand and can't do anything but close the window and load a save slot.

Just do the things in order, find explosives, progress the story, encounter allys, more story, get VR card, etc each time you progress Jenna talks to herself telling the player the next step.

Woah hold up, isn't some of the backgrounds very similar to summertime saga? You might wanna change that. Also didn't anyone ever comment about the font? The font is very uncomfortable to read as the "S" is really putting it off. I would suggest you go look for someone to check the writing as I know english isn't your first language. And you should add a "This is the end of the demo" sign.

Odd, if I try to download it just makes the game full screen instead of letting me download an offline version. The treat series downloads fine except for this.

Do you have any social I could follow your art from? Or are you just based here on itch io?

Really like how you guys spend time and effort to rig the vag and anal flexing. Some games just make the dick clip through the general area where the vag is and call it a day especially the japanese titles.

Nevermind I found the image folder.

Oh ok just asking, because I've played a lot of metroidvania games and this one really satisfies my craving. And the toggle sounds like a great idea.

Got the steam version of this. I like subtle changes as you progress in the game. Is there a CG gallery other that creating a CG save at the end? I would like to flip through the pretty pictures without the text in the way.

Did anyone ever point out after firing for more than 4 shots. The shot sounds get softer? Why does that happen? Is it intended or a mistake?

After about 30 mins the looping music gets annoying, should give the option to turn it toggle.

Near the end with Caroline there is a cutscene after the boss fight where you would switch over to your gun and cannot switch to other weapons nor can you fire you gun after 6 shots even if you have ammo in your inventory. Also any exploration the next morning with any character will have a minor bug where when you return to base, the characters would go into the barricade and come back out instead of going into base and advance to midday. And some parts of the flower room you can still go into some walls on the top right of the map.

press attack like when you shoot your gun don't press interact, why didn't you try out all your keyboard keys before asking this?

So does the demo stop at movies option or am I missing something. Because after picking mvies and flirting the only option is pick "watch a movie" and "don't watch a movie" the other options are greyed out.

sneaky sneaky

moving the cursor in and out of the window counts as a click and they grow without clicking.

Dunno what I'm doing wrong but I got up till level 11 and got as many tetrises as I could in a row sometimes if I'm lucky I could get 3 but the pictures don't uncover?

speaking of update, I notice in this latest build, Leslie during movie night has a dialog error. I know she is intended to be a milf character but if we go with the default roles where she is the maid, she has the line "I can't believe I'm fitting my own Son's cock in my mouth!" So does she have specific lines for different scripted roles?

you think that's easy?

got some sprite overlapping on here like at the lake scene lucy has a 90' shoulder cut in her cloths should double check these. nice game by the way

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