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Thanks for the quick reply !

Oh I see I confirm that my previous screenshots are all there and regarding the blur effect it's something that maybe it's related to the resolution(1366x768) ? It's like zooming an image, so reducing the quality and gaining a quite annoying effect, thing that comparing to the free version I didn't experience so I've really no idea as the notebook is the same.

And another thing to report is that the windowed mode doesn't work properly. You can check it in the loader, reducing it for a while, but when the game starts it goes back to fullscreen.

Thanks again !


Silly me I noticed the "Film grain" option was turned ON, so no more disturbing/blurring effect turning it off !

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Hi there,
I've just downloaded the game + goodies pack and even running the game as administrator I'm not able to save my screenshots (with F12). Checked the screenshot folder in My Documents and it's always empty.

Any idea or am I missing something ?

Thanks in advance and keep going !


I don't know if it's just my perception, but the game compared with the free version seems a bit mhm "blurried" ? I've modified some values (on/off) in visual settings to fix it a little. If can help I've a resolution of 1366x768 and the quality is set on Fantastic(in the loader).

Anyway here's my 1st edited character. I feel proud ahah ! And I took these screenshots using stamp+pasting in paint, as F12 still doesn't work.