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Okay, I will try that. No, it doesn’t shut it down completely, there’s just blackscreen sometimes and then I can’t do anything anymore. I waited for five minutes and then I just shut down my computer.

Kickstarter? Kinda? Maybe? I don't know? What do you guys think? I know, it's shitty. If you have ideas, try to make your own.

Well, do you have an idea how I can solve this problem? I mean, the other version works just fine.

This is what I see when I try to open this version...

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There was an error message which said something like "game crashed and will close now", but now there was just blackscreen and I had to shut down my computer.


No problem.

I tried it multiple times and even restarted my computer. It didn't work.

Nope, it's not out, yet.

I can't even play the first version because it keeps crashing

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Exactly. What do you think about the newest face sprite for Marzia? Does it look good like that or should I add very little sleeves?

So true! People need to play this again and see how it improved.


But on the downloads it still says 0.0.8b0.7 🤔

I really don’t know how much obvious I can make that she doesn’t have arms. 😅 Should I just add very little sleeves?


Nice idea! Great job!

There just have to be enough people who actually do it.

Is this better?

I just wrote under his last video. 😅 And if enough people do the same, maybe it works. 🤷🏻‍♀️

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Hey, everyone! Don’t you think this game gets too less attention? Let’s all write comments under the videos of the bigger YouTubers who played this game and then never came back to it again.

Like markiplier, bijuu mike, Luigikid, riskrim, 8-Bit Ryan and so on. Let’s all write under their latest videos that they should come back to this game!

I think we just need more people to spam under their videos to finally look at this game again.

I actually asked some of the YouTubers. They don’t seem to care.

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Okay, I will work on her mouth and her eyes. Well, she doesn’t have hair, does she? 😅 Should I just remove the lines on her forehead and leave it blank? And when you said „remove the line“ what line did you mean? What hands? She doesn’t have hands. 😂😅

And it‘s not blood, it‘s watermelon juice, of course! 😂

How does this look?

I guess the SCP Foundation f*cked up putting Marzia back into containment. And Viktor was like: „Sure, join our school.“

This looks great

Alright, thanks for the advice!

Does this look good for a face sprite for Marzia?

Oh. XD

Viktor and Player murdering a pacifist teacher... I don’t know how to feel about this. It’s cool, but kinda rough.

I like the idea with the bridge, but I wouldn’t go with the codes to put in again. It’s boring to have mechanics twice. I think it would be better if there were two possibilities: Either you cut the ropes of the bridge in the right moment and Alice falls to her death, or you don’t cut it in the right moment and Alice will jump off the falling bridge and then climb the wall up to you.

When the second possibility happens you will have to run to the door, and you must have at least one stamina refilling item that also causes you to run infinitely for a short time, or else you will die. When Alice falls to her death, she will scream: „WHY DID YOU DO THIS?! YOU‘RE JUST LIKE THE OTHERS!!“ and when she climbs up the wall, she will scream: „DID YOU JUST TRY TO KILL ME?!“, which is your sign to run.

Viktor will always cut the ropes in the right moment. After that it would be cool if he says: „No... LOOK WHAT YOU MADE ME DO!“ and then he speed slides at you a bit slower than Cleany, but still fast, and you also will have to run to the door. And maybe the only thing you still need for that door is a key you can only find during the final chase.

What is troth?

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Yup. Maybe the children don't say it out loud, but whisper it very quietly in your ear and Marzia's screaming is getting louder when she's getting closer.

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Maybe running through the bunker or something? While Marzia is after you? Like, without Antibreather and the walls are changing and there are the shadows of the dead children.

Since I'm tired of the language level and waiting for a difficulty selection, this will be the last part of AEWVS for now. I know it's a bit laggy, but I hope this video will help you, if you have trouble with the math level. I show my strategies for both endings of the math level here:

I wouldn't add a 11th notebook, since we already had that on Viktor's floor. It would be boring to have that twice. But the rest of this idea is really great! Having Marzia constantly screaming while she's running after you like a psychopath, with an atmosphere like in Silent Hill, that would be just more than fitting for her.

This game looks and sounds amazing as well, I think I'll give it a shot. And if you want to work on this game and take a break on Advanced Education, then do it!

Alright, that really helps. Thank you.

I know. Seems like Head teacher always lets her out, because I always put the trash back into the trashbin.

Now everytime I get this far, I skipped the 9th and the 10th notebook, because sometimes I just couldn’t put the letters in anymore or click on the check mark. So I didn’t want to risk anything and just skip the last notebooks. I‘m also doing this because of Phonty.

Last time I got so far, I put in 8 numbers into the elevator. Then I just had to put in 119 two times on the final chase. I could have made it, but my hands were too shaky. I was too stupid to scroll the curser at the key for the shortcut, and infront of the shortcut I just walked against the wall, but I had enough time, Marzia didn’t killed me instantly when that happened, so she wasn’t that fast. And I‘m always trying to get every single letter right. But sometimes some  mistakes happen, because I overread the blank spot.

Holy sh*t! XD