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Good job!

Uhhh... The ones you see on the left side of the notebooks. 😅

It got a little quiet around here. If you have questions or if you want to chat with the community, join our new discord server!

Now it's not lagging anymore 

Voice acting is no good for the game. The voices are perfect as they are now.

It's not even a rip off. You just took inspiration of Baldi's Basics. Collecting math notebooks is the only thing both games have in common. Baldi's doesn't have multiple levels. You need about 5 minutes to play through Baldi's, while you need at least 15 minutes to beat the math level in AEWVS. Viktor is even scarier than Baldi, because he gets silent while Baldi screams through the entire hall. I could write even more about why your game is A LOT better than Baldi's Basics, but I got homework to do.

So many people download the game everyday (except today) and it still gets so little attention? Why?!

It helps you find both kinds of notebooks.


There‘s a compass which you can find in the bunker.

Yay! ^^

*gets triggered*


XD 👌🏻

No thank you

Okay, I made one. Wasn't that hard. You guys are free to join! And I think I can even make mrdrnose an admin, if he asks me for it.

Discord is a free voice and text chat for gamers.

I will see if you can add two people as hosts. I think this might be possible.

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Angry German kid? I‘m German and don’t understand a single word. XD Good thing that there are subtitles.

But I can feel your pain, man. I don’t know what’s worse... Dying because of your own stupidity or dying because of unnecessary destiny.

I don’t know how to create a discord server, but I will do some research on that once I‘m home.

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Nah, I‘m checking on the page everyday too, man. But yeah, the thing that everyone gets the achievement if one person got it is stupid...

Yes! Exactly!

I’m sorry, bro. But that’s how it is.

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„Dank“ means „Thanks“. 😅

He got about 8000 subscribers, so yeah.

Guys! Another YouTuber responded to the e-mail!

Did the same thing with Viktor in one of my How to make Advanced Education not scary videos. XD

Okay, that's a better idea. 🤔😅

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Just an idea. Instead of Memes, there should be actual history questions in the history notebooks. For example...

Question: What happened in 1666?

Possible answers: The biggest barbecue in the world, The Great Fire of London, Satan was born, The pestilence has killed a few people, The hottest summer in all of history

Question: When did the First World War begin?

Possible answers: 1916, 1947, 1914, 1939, 1802

Question: Name one of the authors of the Declaration of Independence.

Possible answers: Benjamin Franklin, Jeffery Woods, Thomas Livingston, Adam Johnson, Robert Roger

Question: What ended in 1945?

Possible answers: The world, 1944, Viktor‘s life, The second  World War, The dictatorship

You know, like really easy questions everyone should be able to answer. And they get harder and more complex with every notebook.

Oh, okay. Good to know.

I would prefer chocolate donuts. 😋  Wait, wait, wait, that old woman can kill you now?! 😲 Wth?! D: And yeah, could be possible that you get this achievement, if you manage to deal with a Brainiac Marzia AND a Brainiac Viktor at the same time. Holy sh**. 😅

In Germany it's called "Erntedankfest".

I don’t think this is even possible.

It’s just that I win all the time, when I use this strategie, except Mr. Cleany-Clean messes things up for me. And when you come from the area past Mr. Mix‘s kitchen, you really have a lot of time to collect the notebooks in the corridor where the bathroom and the punishment room are.

There are no notebooks in the cafeteria. Here’s a map.


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Here's another strategy:

- don't collect any other items except sodas (and 25 cent coins), chocolate muffins, fully chocolate muffins or chips, magnets and the blue key

- first, collect the two sodas from the trashcan in the punishment room and from the room next to it

- ignore the notebooks in the corridor where the bathroom and the punishment room are for now

- !!! Go to Mr. Mix NOW, believe me, it will save your a** !!!

- hurry and watch out for Viktor at that point, then go to the area past Mr. Mix's kitchen

- collect all the notebooks you find there

- lure Viktor into the dead end with the two classrooms and the vending machine as far as you can, then run all the way back to Mr. Mix's kitchen (if you have one, use a fully chocolate muffin once your stamina is drained, or maybe you get lucky and Headteacher sees you running and drags you all the way back very fast. This will give you a lot of time.)

- !!! Go to Mr. Mix one more time, just to make sure !!!

- quickly collect all the notebooks from the corridor with the bathroom and the punishment room now

- then head to the area with the school garden

- !!! now you should look for chocolate muffins and the magnet, just in case you don't have them, yet !!!

- first, look if there are notebooks in the rooms near the school garden

- then walk further to the dead end and collect remaining notebooks

- now, if you have all the notebooks at that point, go to the shortcut of this area (it's the tiny room next to that one single locker)

- !!! wait, until you see Viktor, then go in that tiny room and leave through the door on your right !!!

- !!! hurry on your way to the very first classroom, you will find a second magnet on the floor, if your inventory isn't full, grab it !!!

- close the door that leads to the area where Viktor will come from with one of the magnets, it's the door on your left

- go into the classroom close it's door with the other magnet you may have

- then get your calculator, hurry with solving these examples

and the win will be yours!

Oh, and one more thing:

- press Q to pause the game

Okay, I will try that. Thanks.

For some reason, I couldn't take off the gas mask... 😕 And I explored the third level a bit more.

I guess Viktor got lost somehow. XD 😅