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This is so weird XD But good job 👌🏻

Yeah, you’re right.

I really like the new description. It might be that AEWVS took inspiration from Baldi’s Basics, but Baldi’s Basics is nothing compared to Advanced Education. So yeah, it’s true. This is not a fangame!


If you have questions or if you want to chat with the community, join our discord server!

All of this is creepy XD in some weird way

It got a little quiet around here. If you have questions or if you want to chat with the community, join our discord server!

Wow. Okay, thank you!

I want to try getting through this on my own, first. But thanks! 😄 I will ask, if I need help.

Nice game! It's lots of fun, but holy sh*t, don't you think 22 notebooks is a bit too much? 😅 I also made a video of it. 

Try recording it with a recording software. It works for me.

Maybe it switched from lesson time to break time in that exact moment. I think in break time you’re allowed to disobey the rules. I don’t know, did you hear the bells? Or did you stop running or did you pick up the trash and put it into a trashcan, before she got you? Because otherwise this behavior is actually very strange. 😅 I will try to get that now, too, because I want that icecream. 🤔😂 Oh, and one more question: Were you playing the old version or the new version?

I never had that before, but I guess that happens when Headteacher THINKS that you broke a rule, but you actually didn’t. I don’t know, for what were you put into the punishment room? What did you do?

I‘m done with the first episode now. If you haven’t seen it already, here it is. I hope you like it.

Maybe they are antennas 🤔🤷‍♀️

Well, not much was going on, we did some roleplays about the christmas edition and some ships but other than that it got kinda quiet. There's also not much happening on the other server right now.

Oh no, that's very sad to hear. But you will get through this, I know you can! Stay strong!

No, I‘m not done, yet. Also, people are worried about you. Are you doing fine?

Yup, Viktor has the best voice.

Probably not XD

Well thank you 😅

Ok, I will do my best.

Sorry, I just read your messages. You dont need to create another server, you can just rejoin the old one and I can make you Head owner again.

No, I haven't seen that, yet.

I think it was obvious from the very first time you see the game over screen in the original game that the protagonist is a girl. You also get to know H-teacher's and protagonist's name in other endings.

True. 😅  I will edit that...

The rule already exists.

Sorry. You could have just said something. Should I remove the Pokémon bot and the nsfw channel?

It got a little quiet around here. If you have questions or if you want to chat with the community, join our new discord server!

Good job!

Uhhh... The ones you see on the left side of the notebooks. 😅

Now it's not lagging anymore 

Voice acting is no good for the game. The voices are perfect as they are now.

It's not even a rip off. You just took inspiration of Baldi's Basics. Collecting math notebooks is the only thing both games have in common. Baldi's doesn't have multiple levels. You need about 5 minutes to play through Baldi's, while you need at least 15 minutes to beat the math level in AEWVS. Viktor is even scarier than Baldi, because he gets silent while Baldi screams through the entire hall. I could write even more about why your game is A LOT better than Baldi's Basics, but I got homework to do.

So many people download the game everyday (except today) and it still gets so little attention? Why?!

It helps you find both kinds of notebooks.


There‘s a compass which you can find in the bunker.

Yay! ^^

*gets triggered*