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it looks so promising!! i can’t wait to try it :>>


Sii!! :D

It is pretty useful but it doesn’t work in 32bit :’) I’ll just use the web version

I just completed the two endings, I really really liked this game! The narrative is very interesting, the music fits so much, I hope there’s more about these characters in the future :)

Me gustan mucho los detalles!! :D

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Almost the same happened to me, when I execute the installer it goes straight into stalling, installs it and shows a windows that says “asset splash.html/app.html file was not found” or something in those lines, while the “main” LDtk window being transparent and over the whole screen making it impossible to close the error window with the X on the corner, thought I was able to close it by hovering over LDtk on the app bar and closing it in the small preview, but it closed LDtk overall, then if I try to open it gives no errors but happens the exact same that is happening to you, I’ve already reinstalled it 4 times but I still think is my computer,,, I’m on Windows 7 ultimate 32bits, LDtk 0.9.3 installer btw

I’ll just wait the next update :)

please pwp