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thanks for playing! much appreciated

Thanks for playing!


updates coming soon

Thanks so much for playing! Glad you enjoyed it

sweet. I’ll check that out. Thanks man 

Glad you enjoyed it. Thanks heaps for the feedback! I'l get to work on tweaking those things. Also the truth is I don't have an aim animation yet at all because of the massive task it would be... any ideas how I could handle animating that considering you can move and aim in all directions? How exactly can I animate both the torso and legs while running and consequently synchronize them to look natural.   I played around with not being able to move at all with aiming - that way I would only have to animate 4 (probably 8 in the future) directions. I prefer the current movement options though... :/

Thank you for playing. I should have mentioned in the tutorial you can aim 360 degrees with the right joystick lol. I'm gonna update the demo

Thank you! Music and everything is planned, but that will come much later. Also yeah controller controls are fucked atm, I should have notified that. Also will mess around with the whole aim shake thing when I get the chance.

Thanks for feedback, all easily changeable :)

hmmm... would you be able to download my shitty prototype form last Demo Day and see if you can move in that one?

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Sweet, thanks for the feedback. I'm aware of the aiming animation fuckery and the rest can be easily fixed. Also yeah a map is definitely planned because this level  eventually ends up looping around on itself twice.

Cool, no worries. Criticisms noted.

Thank you very much! Yeah I've been replaying games like RE4, REmake and Dead Space in an attempt to understand how to properly balance movement, reloading, item pickups, etc.  I'll keep all that in mind!