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I'm liking the feel of this game quite a bit! I have a few recommendations for the current version:
- Lights flicker far too much
- tapping where to click is okay, would rather use keys on the computer though
- If I do click to move . . . I'd like to click more than just 1 block away . . . At least 5

Thanks for your reply, I didn't post there to begin with because posting in the general forums for Pyro 2 seemed like overkill ... I think for something like this it may be better to post directly into the Pyro2 thread
I've gone ahead and contacted Playniax for discussion via email for some important thing as well..

Awesome work 😃! If my memory is right, this is also the update where you've fixed a small bug that causes atlas's to be less efficient? I hope so! Can't wait to try! 

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I've found a critical bug in the Pyro 2 Screen Manager. Not sure where I can put real bug request but here it is:

Bug: MX2 doesn't know which version of the `new` method to use because the first one takes no arguments, and the second one can also be used for no arguments. 


 ' PROBLEM: noargs method, conflicts with below
 Method New()
    Super.New( "Window",New Recti( 0,0,640,480 ),WindowFlags.Center )
 ' PROBLEM: everything has a default, conflicts with noargs above.
 Method New( title:String="Window",width:Int=640,height:Int=480,flags:WindowFlags=Null )
    Super.New( title,New Recti( 0,0,width,height ),flags|WindowFlags.Center )

Easiest fix would be to just remove the noargs implementation. I would love to know if there's an official area to report bugs though, or somewhere I can contribute to the code. 

Hello, Playniax! I've tried finding some deeper documentation past the examples on your website and can't seem to actually get the docs found in Ted2Go to open the Pyro portions. Is there a site that offers your docs or a way to load your documents in the document browser? 

Help would be extremely appreciated! Thanks, A-King.