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So nice to play, very fun and hard to play.

That was cool

Cool game

- Cofe shop is a short idle game about a stolen Ice Trophy!

Cofe shop - try it out!

I love the pixel art and animations, something that should have been improved is that the spears and the other stuffs is hard to see because they move too fast, maybe slow down the speed.

Overall is pretty good!

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Anyone can team up with me as long as you are intrested and motivated ! Let's go!

Add me on discord and dm if you are intrested.


Thanks again, I will fix that!

Hey Roby Thomas,

First of all thank you for the post and feedback, I kinda have some things left but I'm almost done.

So everything u said is now alive.  Sorry if it wasn't any Game over scene. But it's added now and  much more, 

I hope u enjoyed it! :)

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Thank you for playing and I hope you enjoyed, The full version is coming soon. :)

Good job dude, I really like the game, the controls could have been improved and also the camera movement. Overall it's good

Thank you for playing my game, I hope you enjoyed it <3.

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I hope you enjoyed it and Thank you for your feedback, since I didn't have much time I couldn't have done better. I will update it soon and release the full version soon.