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No Comments, hmm.

?! Really, hmm if you wait and make an account you should get an email with promotional on courses you've wish-listed and its around 12.99 or 9.99 at its lowest

(2 edits) is a course that I highly recommend ( if it is by Penny de Byl or Holistic3d, if not then it's the wrong course : /   ) it is a one-time payment of 9.99$ (or something like that)  for lifetime, and you can take it whenever you feel like doing it. I own this course and LOL I haven't even had the time to do it. I can say it is really good though! You learn some pretty good stuff! I have several of Penny's other courses.. actually all of them except for 2 I think. Just take it, there's like a 30 day money back if you don't like it so yeah

By the way, to add multiple platforms you need to name your .zip folders differently otherwise will think you want to replace the other one with the one you just uploaded. Figured that out after only being able to upload a windows version of my game and not have more than one supported platform, well then I changed the names of the .zip files so that they would be different and fuala! I had Mac linux and windows support for my game. XD mentioned this cause I noticed you only had linux for this game and I thought you might be having the same issue I had.

What about Mac... Sniffle

I can't download this thing I am on a Mac

thank you! check out my newest art demo on my profile!

Maybe you could hold votes for different things on a website like or < preferable that one

Ok, yeah you're right. But I don't think I'll be able to be part of it unless it's during mid summer. Cause I have school and then family coming early summer

Could you delay it until the summer? That would make it a really good jam

Thanks for the suggestion! It really helps!


: (


(Not being serious)


:) No problem!

Thanks, actually i think i might have a paypal. A suggestion, maybe contact the winners and ask them before you transfer the money

this is for anyone wanting to make a team with me. Also @radHABiT plz make a discord for this! not to put pressure on you, but yeah

Hey, is there a way you could pay to my patreon account instead of my account?

Its like a board game!

Nice game!

Ok so I do builds for Mac and Windows. The zip process should be exactly the same, if not send me some screen shots and ill see if I can help. (not through discord cause I can't go on discord)

no problem. You use Godot right?

Can you publish for Mac?

the mac build doesnt work.. :c

Uh, it doesnt work.. oh well

Thank you!

can you build for WebGL?

(1 edit)

Now i cant get past the umbrellas. I know there is a way but how..

Lol just read the description, your supposed to click on the objects that are in your way! Yay! i fiqured it out!

(2 edits)

I am having trouble getting past the first level. Amazing art though!


  • Use left mouse to shoot!
  • Use scrool weel for zoom in and out!
  • Use W A S D or Arrow Keys for movement!
  • Use Space for jump!
  • Try not to hit the stacks of blocks! 
  • Or you can purposefully hit the blocks for some block staggering results! 
  • Shoot at the blocks and watch the bullets nock them over!
  • (Tried to make a lives score depending on collision, the game went to 1.5fps dont know why. Sorry, will try to implement that later)

Song from: Happy Go Lucky | Royalty Free Upbeat, Fun Stock Music

Also thanks for the purchase!


Let me know what you think, feedback is greatly appreciated!

Typo! when I said "rapping" I meant --> tapping

Please comment and tell me what you think!