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Thank you for the kind words :D, yes i am trying to improve my self in pixel art so hopefully someday i make my own assets and thus avoid the different resolution issue, again thanks a lot :)!

HeyHey vnitti! i just released my first game ever, which has your assets! i contacted you via Twitter, but it seems u didn't read my messages yet lol, so i'm letting you know here!

Hey Evgeniy! i released my first game which has your assets!, however i can't seem t find a way to contact you, do you have an email?


Today i published my first game ever on android, i started working on my game about a year ago and i"m finally able to share it with everyone, i would love to get some feedback, thanks!

Reaper of Immortals is a 2D pixel art adventure game, it tells the story of a lost reaper that is seeking his true purpose.

Fight your way through countless enemies, reap everything that stands in your way, and find out the ultimate truth.

Great work LuizMelo! is there a possibility you might make a dodge/roll animation for this character ? 

Thank you so much :D, do you have any email where i can send you what i've been cooking with your assets so far ? since it's my first "official" game i still don't want to share anything in public yet.

Good job! i like it so much :D

The fact that you'll consider doing that is alone great! take your absolute time :D, thanks!

Holy shit man! making this asset free is a crime!!! even tho i can't afford anything rn, ill make sure to support you among other creators if the game i'm working on (my first official game ever) gets me few bucks, keep making great stuff man!

Hey Stealthix2! i hope i'm not exaggerating in my demands, if possible and if you have time of course, could you please make a Purple Fire Big? like the blue and red one, if you have time of course, Vielen Danke in advance :D.

Hello! good job man! they are perfect for my project, one thing tho i think you forgot to upload the PNGs and PSD :D.

Hello! I've just stumbled upon this awesome asset too! (it doesn't appear in your profile), if it's not too much i'd love if you make this parallax-friendly too :), waiting for your update for the desert one! thanks again.

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Hello rvros! i sent you an email 5 days ago i think about this great asset, i'm wondering if you have read it :D.

Yes yes! i can download it now thank you so much :D.

Hello! good job man! i love it! but it seems i can't download it haha :D it shows me the asset is updated but i can't get the new animation!

Hello! I'm so happy to hear that you'll make a block animation for it thank you a lot :D, i'm also excited for your new assets,  i'll support you as soon as i'm able to! as for future assets well some bosses with 2-3 attacks would be nice like a big goblin/skeleton/zombie..etc would look nice :), thank you again and take your time.

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Hey man! great job on both your zombie and goblin assets! i look forward for your future works, one thing if it's not too much, is it possible you add a block animation for the warrior? i mean he's holding a shield after all :D, if you can't no problem they look great anyway! thanks.

Hello, thanks for the beautiful asset definitely worth more than 1$, one thing i noticed is contrary to your other beautiful asset "Dark Forest" the background here isn't  provided in separated layers for parallax, if it's not too much would you provide separated PNGs for the background for parallax effect ? thank you so much :D

Nice Nice :D, indeed i will !

Awesome! waiting for the update.

Exactly like that! great job :D

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Hello, your fire assets are the best man, i've bought your "Animated Effects" pack and what i liked a lot was your black  fire animations, if you have time i'd love if you add a black animation too to this asset, thank you! 

That's great! i'm eagerly waiting for the update and for your future works :)

Hey man, this looks really nice, what would be nicer is if you could provide separate PNGs for each layer for parallax effect :), thanks.