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dope looking forward to who won since I think all games that I’ve played so far where amazing

Lmao when did you suggest boxing day im probably just deaf but when.

Cool game would be a great candidate for some random level generation, would also fix the kinda low level count.

how do I rate this 5 stars lol

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That's very good, just like the idea behind your game and the execution of said idea

yea I kinda had to rush half the thing in one night this isn’t my proudest work and I would’ve loved to do some playtesting but I didn’t have time cuz I was moving house. Anyways thx for playing and the feedback

I'm back

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thx!! Fun is  what I aim for with every game I make

Ight bro


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just wanted to mention here that I am moving house currently which is one of the reasons why I won't be able to instantly answer everyone and that my game is kinda buggy

oki thx for answering

it doesn't say anyting about it in the rules tab so I just want to know for sure that it is allowed (or not) before accidentally breaking any rules.

with general purpose I mean stuff like character controllers and say a camera controller you wrote yourself. So nothing that has to do with the game just the genral back end stuff.

Thank you for the kind words!


cool game haven't seen any other games this jam in this style, If you'd ever wanted to you could probably expand on this idea and turn this into a real game

why aren't more people playing this? it's great!

I love your art and music, the only two things I really noticed that could use some work are the difficulty (although that could also just be my incapabillity of playing video games well) and the controls, I personally like more snappy controlls that instantly react to your every move but that's just a preference really.

nonetheless a very sollid gamejam game, keep up the good work.



add open gl support, good idea but the art could use some work

overall a good project maybe use these 1-2 days to add some more levels and give the art a quick revise as it looks kinda temp-art to me.

keep up the good work folks, lovin the music as it suits the game really well.

the idea is amazing and looks great but the other essentials of the game aren't as good

if you feel like it you could easily turn this into a real game after the jam, see how far you can improve on it in just this short "polish" period, maybe make sure the ui is sharp and not so fuzzy, the going from one to the other planet was a bit hard to figure out, maybe add a turtorial.

Anyways keep up the good work but possibly take a little less ambitious idea next time.

good game but the ui wasn't to clear maybe you could give that a quick revisit? 

the controls also felt a bit weird because you can't walk whilst attacking.

I'll make sure to revisit in 1-2 days because your doing great so far.

I'd love to see this finnished but do something about your itch page and add some screenshots and an image to go with your title.

amazing game!! I'd love to see you two developing this further, I have however found this game to not be too challenging but maybe that's just because I haven't yet put that much time into it.

maybe eddit the downloads section so it only includes the zip it would make that part of the experience a little bit more intuitive

unless your up for some *ahem* questionable music, mute it over at the settings tab in-game

yeah the random generation can be a bit unforgiving, thx for playing


solid game for 2 weeks all I've noticed so far after playing it for 15 minutes or so is that the music loops if you die, could you maybe fix that so it stays more consistent? all in all good game.

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the frequency is 3 but will increase. thx for playing, I'm not going to touch the music right now because I'm (as you might be able to hear) realy bad at making music.

shader graph is like a tool to make shaders, combined with the fact that visual coding languages are allowed I can't think of a reason why it wouldn't be allowed

does using the universal render pipeline instead of the normal one in unity also count towards this?

Thx for the feed back apreciate it

Your supposed to find the key without being seen get to the door and enter the next level

thank you for playing it it was a bit buggy especially the enemy’s (they where walking way slower in the editor)

understandable have a nice day

I'm also really hyped for this jam as it is me and my friend's first