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Thank you for playing! <3

Absolutely amazing ending. Ya got me smiling :)

Thank you for playing and hosting the jam :)

I receive an 'invalid invite' message when clicking the Discord link. Any chance of generating a new one?

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Once you're playing, you can press the ? key to enter the help screen. There are three sections: keyboard controls, UI, and gameplay  You can use n(ext) and p(revious) keys to cycle through them.

I've made a note to myself to make this more clear in the next release. :)

Short description contains a typo colect/collect

Thank you for taking the time to report these issues. It can be difficult to imagine all the permutations of user actions and each player behaves differently so it's generous of you to lend a fresh set of eyes. I'm happy that the previous set of changes worked for you. :)

The missing messages and help paging keys bugs have been fixed. Also the linux download contains a script which should make starting the game more clear.

Glad that you got it to work. If you wish,  running `./robinson.jar` from the command line should also work.

Thanks again for detailed responses. While it may be possible to make the saving code more efficient, I agree with you that the majority of the slowdown is likely due to lack of hardware accelerated rendering. What I suspect is that a software rendering fallback may be consuming cpu cycles as we have similarly powered systems. Mine is an old Athlon II.

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Does clicking on the jar work for you? The jar has been marked as executable and includes a prelude that uses the included jvm/jre.

If you wish to run it from the command line `./bin/java -Xdebug -XX:-OmitStackTraceInFastThrow -XX:MaxGCPauseMillis=20 -Dhttps.protocols=TLSv1 -Drobinson.version=0.0.1-SNAPSHOT -jar robinson.jar` should work too. This is the command embedded in robinson.jar which you can verify using `head robinson.jar`

Thank you. The permissions have been updated to allow public access for the OSX download link.

Axu community » Bugs · Created a new topic 0.7.0b on OSX

Hi Cynapse,
I just wanted to take some notes as I played to see if I could catch any minor issues.

The loading screen is displayed using fullscreen mode and then the main menu switches to windowed mode which is a bit jarring.

The dock icon is low-res. Supplying a high-res version would better fit the a native look and feel.

The default window size is a bit bigger than the width of my monitor and obscures some of the options (albeit I use monitors in portrait mode).

The 'Delete Save' option is available upon running Axu for the first time (I haven't yet played the game so I don't think I have any saves).

The fullscreen option is checked by default, but the game is running in windowed mode.

There is a strange interaction when interacting with Akk-Lune. If I hover over an option and then use the up/down arrows the menu highlights two options instead of just one.

Upon dying, the window resolution is reset to the initial option.

Interesting world to explore. I haven't played Axu for some time and it has grown a lot!