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Maybe I can hear it because I'm with headphones (or it's specific to my PC) but both in your game and my game when music was playing I was hearing "krakling" noises when the game was playing on the browser.
I think others in my game's comments told me about it too, but I might be misremembering.

Thank you for playing it and your kind words, I'm glad you liked it :)

Thanks for playing it!

The castle is always the same layout and if you take 200 steps or more, next time you die and restart you will have the map feature unlocked, I felt like both of these facts offset the confusion of no indicators - but I might have been wrong.

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Nice game!
It took me way too long to realize that it's donkey kong in a new perspective xD

Btw, I see you have the same audio issues I had with Godot (when played in the browser), I fixed it by downloading the latest 3.3 RC and then set the audio mix rate to really low (seems like the minimum to support all browsers is 8000).

Like the visuals and sounds of this game!

I would suggest adding an indication of where the ant is when it's behind something

Thanks for playing it!
All the characters are made of out the same basic sphere with some extrusions and then drawn some pixel art on top :)

Thanks for playing it! :)

The gameplay is cool! I was struggling to read the font with this background/colors, and some of the elements like when I get "null bullets" went over my head as far as to why they were happening.

Thanks for playing my game!
sure thing, I'll play and rate it in a bit :)

Nice simple little game :) only reached 1:08 here

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Wow thanks so much!

My intention was to make combat unavoidable and intentionally "hard", so you have to die, be lost and get overwhelmed at the start, and then slowly as you repeat the encounter you can survive longer and longer with growing power/hp, and be lost less and less as you know where to the dead ends are, but always "on your toes" looking for the princess.

I think I did reached to this general feeling, even if I didn't manage to hit it home with everyone so well :D

Thank you so much for playing it!
I was struggling with the audio, not sure why it's like that when on a browser.

Thanks for playing it!

I was really torn about how to communicate hitting without animation, I did add particles for hitting the enemies (it's the red squares), but I guess it's not really clear.

Ohh I didn't even try to run it on FireFox, thanks!

Thanks for playing it! :)

Wow, Awesome game! Love the visuals, the gameplay and the general feel of the game.

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Thanks for playing it!
I was trying to make it hard at the start so you need to die and restart several times, I understand from your comment that the way you die itself (spawning 4+ enemies attacking you) feel unfair, right?

Thanks for playing it!
Yeah I feel like it can be a really nice browser/mobile game one day

Wow, This game feels like something I would find on steam for like 10$. super cool!

Thanks for playing it!

Yeah you gain the first (and only) traversal upgrade after 200 steps, which is the map of the castle

Game feels great and super polished!

I felt unclear on how the rating go up, my first round it was a constant fall but after starting to use the warrior it was rising consistently and I had to only consider my health against the final boss

Nice game! it does feel that if the hand spawns right above the bug it's a guaranteed lose but it might just be me, playing badly.

Also, at some point I was wondering how many apples does this bug need? they are twice their size ;)

The game looks really great visually! I don't think I really got your game, but it seems like it can be a super interesting one.

Hope you can finish it!

I was having fun colliding the spider with the droplets so they would bounce off the spider.
I can't be sure what it says about me or your game xD

I was having a hard time figuring out how to select either the tower or the powerup that slows them down, overall the game looks really nice visually but it was super hard for me

This feels bad on several levels, which I assume is the point ;)

super atmospheric and cool game! 

It might be just me but the yellow backdrop panel below the level is kind of "burning my eyes"

Stuck on level 1, wish there was an explanation of how to play xD

The game is addicting! I was really intimidated by the tutorial, it gave me a sense that the game is super complicated, but I played for quite a while letting the code just collide with my "defenses". I might not got the point of it but the "refresh" button that suppose to switch my semi-colons to new stuff doesn't work, so I just made them bigger and bigger

I like the fact that this game feels right at home on a gameboy system, the positions the ants are spawning at feels repetitive and less than natural, all in all nice game!

Nice game! I like how every screen has a bug that you can kill, was pretty funny :)

on the top right of your game's page you have the tab that says "Submission to Mini Jam 78: Bugs".

if you click on that you will see the submission page and a "Remove this Submission" button, Haven't clicked it but I assume it works as it states.

Thanks for playing it and your feedback! I think you have the high score :)

Music is from Kenney's pack Kenney • Assets

I like the idea of being able to move the platforms as if they are a character.

the controls were a bit weird to me, might be just what I used to.

I think the thing about it is that they favor horizontal movement instead of vertical, so if I press RIGHT and UP I subconsciously expect it to jump mario style - e.g move up with a horizontal lean in the curve looks like this parabola -> 

but instead it moves horizontally "first" so it looks like this cut-section of the inverse of the parabola

also on level 3 I accidently raised the platform too high and it didn't come down xD

very interesting game though!

Thank you for playing it!

The sound thing is something I hadn't even thought about, I'll replay my game a few more times and try to get a feel for the proper volume it should be

Oh thank yo so much for playing and your kind words!
And an even bigger thanks for that link! I'll definitely look into it

Haha it really is! Thanks a for playing it and your feedback!

Music & Fonts are from Kenney's packs Kenney • Assets

Thanks for playing it!

I totally didn't realize that this is what the game wanted to be, so it's a bit of a mish-mash of relaxed atmosphere with too much difficulty for that kind of vibe

Thanks so much!!

I agree, I might've produced a better experience if I leaned into the relaxing quality this game seems be a great fit for