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Thank you for the praise! There was actually a heavy attack mechanic that got cut out of the game, that was supposed to be used to break fragile blocks (and deal extra damage). Maybe we'll add it back in after the jam rating has ended.

And thank you for playing!

Thanks for the feedback! The boss sometimes requires you to hit him a second time for his death animation to properly play, and the game to go to the end card.

And I agree that it ended up being more linear than initially planned. 

After the jam rating, I'm planning to fix the wall stuck glitches.

But again, thanks for the feedback!

Fun and challenging game! I especially appreciate how there is a lot of enemy variety and how the spear power-up can be used for both attacking and for platforming!

If I had to critique anything, then, as someone else mentioned, the game taking you to the main menu after death should maybe just have taken you to the checkpoint itself. Other than that, I also felt the first boss' normal swipe attack came out too fast. It didn't really give you time to react, so I had to basically go in, hit them once, and assume they were going to do that attack, and get out of the way.

But in general, cool game! I also personally didn't have any issue with the controls, but I was also using a controller. For keyboard controls, if you are unsure, you can maybe look at other popular games and see how they do it. I personally took inspiration from Blasphamous' keyboard control scheme.

Very nice game! Feels very polished, and I don't think I personally encountered any bugs. The levels feel really big, so there is a lot of exploration to be done! Music was also very nice and felt fitting with the levels.

Hey! Thank you for playing!

Currently, the shop keep dialogue not appearing is a known bug that for some reason only happens when the game is exported, but I'm working on getting it patched along with hopefully the other bugs people are experiencing!

Hey! Thank you for playing!

Yeah, there are unfortunately still a few more known bugs. Most involving when you get hit.

Even though you weren't able to finish it, I'm glad you enjoyed it ^_^

Wow! That is some very high praise. XD

Thank you very much! ^_^

Hey! It's me again from 2 years ago!

I noticed that the link to the music is no longer working. Did your friend private, rename, or delete their account?

Sorry for the trouble!

Yeah, of course! I just wanted to make you aware in case you weren't already! ^_^

I just wanted to let you know about a bug were in the lexicon under the SI; It has the same entry as the lasombra entry.

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Thank you! I'm glad you liked it!

There were a couple of things that had to be cut from the game due to time constraints; but overall, I'm happy with the way it turned out!

Since you mentioned it on the last stream, hopefully I get to see you play it on a future one! ^_^

But either way, I'm also excited to see all the other games people have made getting some spotlight!

Were you also the one I talked with in the twitch chat yesterday? XD

Honestly, the music is still in my head, so if you are the composer, I can only give you mad respect. Any chance you are putting it on youtube, SoundCloud, or somewhere else so I can listen to it? ^_^

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I did not expect a Mythbreakers reference in this game. XD

Good game. Took me quite a while to complete, but I think was able to get all the different endings.

The music was also really good, and helped set the mystery vibe.

Thanks, I will give it a try when I can! :-)

Bro, that's some extreme Stockholm Syndrome talking. You fell hook, line and sinker for her sob story.

The MC literally got kidnapped, thrown in a forest and almost froze to death there. Afterwards, the MC is fed live maggots. And as you can see from the bad ending it didn't take very much for her to decide that you need to die and grusome and painful death.

Killing her while her guard was down was MC's best chance of survival. You can't try to understand what these kinds of people think. You can even see this being hinted at by how what she says in the good/bad ending contradicts each other. In the bad end, she plays the victim and talks about how difficult MC is being to try to make them feel bad.

In the good ending, she claims that she has a lot of regret for what she did to try to make MC empathize with her. Both of these things are common abuser tactics to make people stay in those abusive relationships.

Okay, I in the interest of not making this reply too long, think I have said enough about that for now at least.

Idk, maybe I'm saying this because I have experience dealing with people who have been in these kinds of relationships.

No problem!

Hey, so I tried this version out and I was able to play the game! But one thing that I did notice was that some objects/textures only appear on one lens, but not the other. Giving them a weird transparent feel.

For example: the TV-screens themselves appear on both eye lenses, but the rest of the TV only appear on the left lens.

Alright, thanks!

After you finish the 3rd character's route, you are automatically taken to the final route. It was supposed to appear on the main menu screen as a separate final/true route. But was having issues getting that to work. So due to time constraints, I just had it give you a message that says that you completed all the other routes and that you are going to play the final route before automatically jumping to said final route.

Again, thanks for the feedback! And I will be sure to give your game another try to see if it works with my headset. ^_^

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Thanks for the feedback! I did think about adding a choice to either return to the character selection or main menu, but at that point, I was not sure if that would count as adding more content after the deadline. So I avoid that, just in case. But definitely something I will keep in mind for future projects at the very least!

Glad that you like it!

It should give you a message saying "You have completed [character name] route!" etc.

After that, it should take you to the main menu, at which point you are able to play another character's story.

Once you complete both routes you unlock the 3rd route. ^_^

Cool amazing game! But if I have one complaint it's that the audio of the game is very low.

Nice! ^_^

For some reason. Launching this game opens up my steamVR. And closing that also closes the game. Maybe it's just something weird happening on my side.

How do I open the game in VR? I tried opening while having SteamVR open (using HTC Vive), it shows up on the desktop screen, but not in the VR headset itself.

Really well-made game! I could see this being a fully priced visual novel if it was longer and maybe had a skip function and other relevant UI elements.

Oooooh. Will try that later! Thanks!

No problem! It was fun trying to find all the endings. But I think I was unable to find the true/secret ending, but got the other 6 endings.

Nice short game. Excellent use of photography! They really helped add to the "real-ness" of the story.

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Was fun to play! I really like the main character's development throughout the game. Also, Farabutto was a really fun character!

However, something that I will say is that when you check the history, the background makes it really hard to read the previous text. A lot of the transitions were aæ bit too long for my liking, making replaying even with skipping a bit longer than it maybe should have been. But that's just my personal take. But it's a shame that the skipping also skips over new dialogue and narration, making it possible to accidentally skip new content.

A final thing that I will say is that I think the game could really have benefitted from having an editor or proofreading due to there seeming to be a lot of issues with narration/dialogue. But I was still able to understand and enjoy the story, so I think that is something that can be looked past.

But, all in all:

Had fun playing!

Props to everyone on the team! Amazing character and background illustrations too! The music also really helps set the mood.

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"Nobody must know that I am bigfoot". Hahahahaha.

Props to everyone who worked on this.  Was also pleasantly surprised to hear the game have voice acting. Really helped give the game life.

I do wish that there was some kind of save or skip function to try different options, but I'm guessing that was not feasible due to time limitations.

Thank you very much!

Hey, I played this back when it was uploaded but I didn't have an account so I did not leave any comments.

I just want to say that I enjoyed the game. It was short, quick and fun.

I also wanted to ask regarding the music that you used in the game. Did you make it yourself or was it free/public use? Either way, I would greatly appreciate it if you could tell me the name of the piece that plays during the boss fights, or where I can find it.

Thank you!