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ye i was making this game at 3 am and didnt notice it

Oh ok my bad

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Well it shouldnt happen. i dont know what is the problem :(.

Thanks :D  platformer with only one jump try my game 

i cant fix this bug now :c so, please use A and D to move instead of arrows. it will be pached soon, thank you for feedback. this is my first gamejam game and first finished project :v a platformer with one jump.

Thank you! :3

For pixel art i used Aseprite and for sounds i used Bfxr

i didt mean to delete your comment, that was just missclick, sorry. yes i know this platforms can frustrate player but i cant repair it now. have a nice day :D

Aww thats cool

This is so cool i love it. 

rate this :D here you go! its platformer with only one jump per level 

try mine game

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try this

try mine :P

try this

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PLatformer with one jump :P

platformer with only one jump per level

its a bug. but i cant fix this now :c

yo! check my game   

Thanks :D

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oh, ok i didt read "but" :P

Thank you for feedback. i improved some levels :)

Dont worry it is like that beacuse theres nothig after 10th level. it will be fixed soon :D

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i don't know.

Join the gmtk discord server and ask u question on #game-jam-tech-help, there you should find answer

here's link

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If u purchased  it and u have RIGHTS to use it in ur project u can.

But if its code asset u cant

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"You can use any audio or video assets you have the legal right to use. Code and design, however, must be done exclusively for the jam, during the allotted time. Except for really basic, universal scraps of code like controller support, and the like." it 's from jam main page, so i think u can.