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Gabriel C

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Replied to JB in Pentagram comments

Hey! thank you for making a video! really glad to hear you liked it, i really liked the idea of incorporating the global high score list, and maybe adding a little more of depth to the game, i might do an update really soon about that, oh and... yeah... they're not actually pentagrams haha, anyhow, thanks for the video and for the feedback! :)

Oh! I totally forgot about cthulhu, just added the description, my mistake haha, anyhow, i will fix that in a little patch right now

Thanks for leaving some feedback! I like most of the ideas you mention in there, i like the thing about making each character have its own abilities, about the "golden enemy" that's its actual function, to make the player unable to see for a couple of seconds, you could look at it being something like a flashbang from CS, oh! About the hand at the start, that's... actually just a bug haha, i'll be updating the game today fixing that bug and also add those features about every character having its own abilities, more info in the shop, and maybe modifying the mechanic ok the bulb/golden enemy.

Anyhow, thanks for the feedback, i'm really glad you've liked the game so far :)

Oh! haha, didn't expect someone to make a video about it! Thanks!