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I download the 32 bit, but when i try to open it, it says that this apliccation is not a windows 32 bit app

funny game

try presing Alt+enter, and then go to target bare, ress on it and go to the end of it, press space then type "-windowed", close it and run the game.

 Try downloading webGL to your system, or try downloading unity web player and restart your browser.


use chrome because Firefox or Opera does not recognize webGL.

No, because a lot of games i have downloaded from this website says 32 bit app, but after the downloading done, it says this program is not a win 32 bit app, that's why i just wants to make sure before i download it.

please, is the game really 32 bit.

Best pixel game i ever played, if you in these cind of games just download it, you wont loose anything.

please is the game realy a 32 bit, or just another lie.