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A slightly stale loaf

A member registered Feb 24, 2017

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got both endings and it's a great game. 10/10

that's strange my pc runs windows 10 and it works just fine.

try reinstalling the game or downloading from the app

cool game but i wish the enemy's were closer together

God damn this is good

i also suck at it. badly XD

i'd like to see it on IOS as well

I think this is great i love how it looks the dialogue and the meaning behind it


i got to the ocean is there anything after that cause im not sure

This game is fantastic i love how tactical you have to be with every move. keep up the good work

Thanks lad. cheers.

im not sure what the update did to the game, but i cant play it anymore. I cant  hit begin.

side note, the resoloutions screwed up too

pls help

Awesome! cant wait to see it.

ok thanks

Damn awesome

It would be awesome if there was a mode where you did'nt have to worry about civilians and you could just kill zombies 

If he could decrease the area in which people are taxed it would be great, i've walked for an extremely long time and am still being taxed.

looks like a cool prototype keep it up

lol thanks

Wont install for me got any ideas why? im running windows 10 if that changes anything

Neat little game. I like it.


Are there any spoilers for botw? i havent gotten a chance to play botw yet and i want my expreince to be new fresh and awesome.

having the same problem. i really want to play this game but i've been running into a lot of problems.

Is there another way to play beacause i load up the game create an account and hit play and theres no servers at all. pls help i wanna play this game!