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you're welcome!

The story for isle is basically humanity destroyed itself, and all remaining humanity were put into a simulation controlled by two AIs, //IVORY-LOTUS// and //IVORY-MIND//. The simulation has you trying to escape an island you were forced onto by some people. Each time you either die or escape(except one), you end up back where you started; the camp where the people who accidentally got you onto the island keep others captive. Remember when I said each time you escape(or die) you end up at the camp, except for one? That ending technically counts as the "true" ending. After gathering four artifacts and activating a portal, you enter what could be thought of as the boss fight.  //IVORY-LOTUS// starts an exit protocol to take you out of the simulation, but it's interrupted by //IVORY-MIND//, who attempts to kill you. It is stopped by //IVORY-LOTUS//, and after a short conversation, the two start fighting due to conflicting morals. //IVORY-LOTUS// believes that by letting other people leave the simulation, they can restore what's left of the world, while //IVORY-MIND// believes that by letting what remains of humanity leave the simulation, the world will be destroyed by them again. //IVORY-LOTUS// resumes exit protocol, while Agents(glowing white roblox characters) try to kill you. When exit protocol reaches 100, an exit is opened. By walking through it, you return into the real world and into a scene similar to the one in an ending of this, where thousands and thousands of chambers looking just like the one you came out are lined on horizontal walls. After a while, you eventually reach the exit, and leave the facility.

Oh hey, this kinda reminds me of the storyline of Isle(roblox game)

The description says that a steam key will also be provided upon purchase, but I can't seem to find it anywhere. Is it because I bought it in a bundle??

oh. o w.

Still trying to figure out the story in 11:13(that game's amazing), yes more shadow monsters!

Hey, wasn't this the girl from 11:13?

Other then that, I really enjoyed this game. The pixel art just was,,, like, amazing. The dialouge just gives me these fuzzy vibes, and yes shadow monster of ticket man, you get all the tickets. The shadow monsters are adorable.

this was an absolute wonder to play. You did an amazing job!

This was so amazing! It all felt like a real conversation between two friends going through a hard time. It really hit the feels, I enjoyed it.

You hurt the other person by hurting yourself. Any damage you do to yourself is done to the other person.

I'm trying to download and play the game, but it just crashes before I even open it. Is there something I'm doing wrong?

I'm a little confused about the game, after the unlit fire slides into the screen and the matchbox goes away, I took the match and put it by the unlit fire, but then it goes out after a while. Is that supposed to happen?

This game is really zen and relaxing for me! I enjoyed it a lot, with all the pretty colors and nice soundtrack.

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After downloading the file, I went to Binaries and clicked on win64. What do I do after that?

Edit: Clicked on The-Sayri-Adventure-Win64-Shipping, windows says it could potentially be dangerous. Am I doing something wrong, or does Windows just not recognize it?

Edit 2: nope, it was window's problem. Ran the game perfectly fine.