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Well i didnt ask you to change the story or something. While i dont like the MC it is of course up to you to give the player options to behave better or not. Every player that reached Season 3, and im one of them had put an crazy amount of time into your game and as i said there are a lots of highlights too, otherwise i wouldnt have played that long. But even with reading everything, rewatching etc. i was not able to complete all of the riddles of last update and had no idea which Scenes to rewatch to find it, or the Scenes i remembered were not the right one.

The puzzles dont weed out anybody since well Google helps...but what i dont get is why are most of the riddles not story related? If you want to reward people that are carefully following your story why dont you ask for stuff that actually matters instead of any number randomly appearing anywhere?

Most of the 10k players that disagree with me are here for a longer time. So they play your game each update and have 3-6 girls and some main events to progress which is of course not that hard to figure out. However if you start your game as a new player from day 1 there are 30 girls to chose from and all of them got events open but only a few of them are actually needed to progress. At the start of Season one that was no problem since every girl had an event every 5 affection/Lust but soon you will reach the point where you have to search the right event.

A lot of people that give you feedback here talk about beeing at the wiki page to progress. Each day there are 20 girls in the dorms to check, 20 girls to call, 10 to invite over, 10 visits at their jobs. Thats 60 Options each day and around 100 at the weekend. Good luck finding an event that only happens at a specific day/time with 400-500 options avaiable(5x60+2x100).

So you seem to be okay with people using the wiki otherwise it would probably not exist. But why is a Hint system a problem then? You even have created cheats to bypass the affection/lust grind but hints that would lower the grind of finding events are a problem? This will become a bigger and bigger issue with each update and will also keep people from restarting the game over to rethink their choices.

With a hint system i would rate this game 8.5/10 maybe even 9/10(because well boobies u know). But without my options are sitting in the wiki for hours checking requirements of any event or try out the 400-500 options for hours as well. So my fun goes down and so does the rating which is 6/10 at the actual state.

Of course the game deserves better since the art is cute and amount of content you get is huge. Just watching and reading 1 Scene after each other would probably take 2-3 entertaining weeks, but after 25 years of gaming fun is my main reason for playing.

And because it is free i cant give my opinion to other players or give feedback to you?  Well at least i got my answer, how can a game be good if the creator doesn't give a shit about players opinions. 

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First few hours of this game are nice but as longer as i played the game the worse it got. It seems like the Creator doesnt want you to have fun with this game. So instead of just making an Visual Novel out of it, the more girls you get to know the more grind is needed to progress. And im not talking about funny grinding game mechanics, no you literally have to test hundreds of options to find the right place, day and girl to go on with the story, again, and again, and again.
So after hours of grinding the same events over and over to increase affection and lust you have to often find the 1 missing event piece which stops the progress completely.

The Mc is the biggest asshole and you have limited joices to "change" that. Instead of a boyfriend more then half of the girls would need a psychiatrist but get a psychopath teacher. Most romance, sexual stuff feels just bad because those kinda weird drama relationships. And as if the endless grind without any hints isnt enough, once in a while you have to solve riddles which force you to watch scenes over and over to find the solutions or force you to stop playing because there is no Option to avoid them.The last update 0.2.3 Part 2 even added a lot more of them without hints where to find them and some solutions beeing in events long before, yay fun... Also a few jumpscares and visual light effects seem to be out of place and destroy the mood here and there.

Its a shame since there are also a lots of highlights of funny,sad or just cute scenes(e.g. Yasu karaoke) and i really like the Art and music. Also the amount of story already in the game is crazy but since im playing games for fun i cant recomment it.

@DJNOSTYLE This game needs a hint system more then anything else. An option to bypass riddles would also be nice for those who dont enjoy them. Yeah i understand that you dont want players to just skip through the game in search of H-scenes, but at the moment even those players that read every line of dialogue are blocked from progressing if they dont find the right eventrigger or cant solve all of the riddles, which destroys the fun.