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Here is the bug reproduced:

Surprisingly fun. It has the mario kart feeling of hoping a good roll to make sure you get far.  And the simple design of having to dodge more if you are in first then in the back, having a built in difficulty curve/catch up mechanic is amazing. I do think that better steering would allow you to keep your roll for a longer time if you are skilled in driving. Currently there is little time to enjoy your high rolls. Also the level select really shouldn't be random, as I went from white to blue back to white, which was a bummer.

A very fun little card game. I only have a few comments. It is very unclear how much damage everything does, and how much health things have. Also, the attack animation is so fast/non-existing, that it is difficult to figure out why you took damage, or what is really going on.

Also, good on you for actually including a way to quit the application!

I liked the concept a lot, but there are a few implementation issues which holds it back. Having so little control over your movement starts at a hectic fun, but when you get to the point where the wizard who couldn't do enough damage to kill me, kept preventing me from killing it, it became frustrating. Most enemies could have done with larger hitboxes, so the barely misses don't happen as much. The game unfortunately got stuck after level three. Maybe that was the last level, anyway I couldn't tell.

Also, don't forget the quit button for an executable.

Interesting idea, but unfortunately the dice move so slow that it takes to long and the idea gets dull. The tension between having to inspect all sides of the die, but not touch it, is good, but the stiff movement makes it very awkward to move around the die. But other wise good work.

Don't forget a quit button the next time you make an executable.

Nice concept. I do think the beginning is way to slow, especially as you can't control if you get speed upgrades. It could have been more clear that you lose points if you hit yourself, but the effect of dropping the chips looks nice. Also, don't forget a quit option if you make an executable.

I will try to recreate the bug later. With game space, I would say that the width is good, but the height felt really limiting. I would suggest looking at how one or two more height would play like.

Thinking some more about it, the scoring of 2 through 6 is also a bit off. Getting six sixes is exponentially more difficult, but per die the score is equal. Now going only for low numbers gives the same score as going for high numbers while being far easier.

The graphics are very crisp, but I do think it takes a long time for the puzzles to be any difficult, and not just follow the grey outline. I personally am not a fan of the real time pressure and the puzzle aspects of the game, as I either have to tediously wait until it is absolutely save to change an arrow, or get punished for not being correct on the first time. I also find it difficult to find the game jam theme in the game.

OMG this was amazing.

A few points for improvement. Having to click the die to reroll it, is very impractical bordering on impossible at the later speeds. The score for the 1 is way to high in comparison to how easy it is to do and how useful it is in clearing the play space. There also seems to be a bug: if the one is covered on top, bottom and either left or right, then the falling die on the other side triggers the one, even though the falling die position is not next to the one. Also, it is a very small game space to be working with, especially in the height.

I really liked the art and atmosphere. It is confusing that you can't really tell how much damage an enemy is doing. Quickly the strategic depth runs out, since there is no way to recover any damage taken. If the enemy attacks, it seems like you have to defend, or else you will quickly die. There was also a bug where one of the red center squares turned black and stayed that way even after rolling. 

Also, don't forget a way to quit the application.

I really enjoyed the game. It was quite confusing at first, but quickly got the hang of it. The levels do get rather large, without much in them to justify that happening. I also encountered some minor bugs, such as enemies standing on the decorative tiles the player can't reach, and enemies being stacked. The vase shards behaved weird, sliding everywhere for a long time. I also think this game could really do with a boss or something, such that building your arsenal leads to something.

Really nice concept. But it's weird that the enemy has the same dice as yours. Also, while there could be some nuance if you know the enemy's health, the third upgrade is clearly the best. It was unfortunate that after level 9 the game just stops working, instead of some message of congratulation. But very well remembering to put a way to quit the program.

The "pick a door" game play is really difficult to be interesting, and the slow pace of the game does not help with it. Also, the movement glitched out, causing me to move right indefinitely.

Amazing! You really undersell it by saying it is not finished. It played amazing, and the art is really good. There are only a few things I want to mention. The first chest is given before you have any idea what what is, making it a blind choice. Afterwards, I really wished I picked the additional weapon, as I didn't get that for quite a few drops. Also, some times bullet didn't despawn after hitting an enemy, lingering for some time. Most of the mechanics are still mystified after player. What do the elements do? What is Modifer exactly? Unfortunately, the boss spread move was a one hit kill, and I didn't feel like I could have done anything against it. That was the only negative thing. Good job!

Opening really hooked me, with amazing music. Unfortunately, the music only played during the loading screens and menu, and not during the puzzles. The controls worked well, but the puzzles were either very simple, or seemingly unsolvable. Sometimes the level would just end, and load the next level. On level 6 it would then enter an infinite loading screen (did allow me to hear the good music in it's entirety.)

Also, the menu has a quit option, but I didn't find a way to quit out of the levels themselve.

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The game looked amazing, with good sound design for everything. But the gameplay became tedious really quick. Having to roll multiple times to wait to move to the next room got  boring really fast. And with how little threat the enemies pose, the dice rolling didn't really add something to the combat. Not knowing when the spikes pop up can make them very unfair, and the space bar did weird things.  But non the less, the idea was well executed, and beautifully drawn.

Also good to have a quit button!

Game needs a lot of work. Mostly there was little that you can do to actually influence the outcome. The only real strategy is choosing the right item to roll, but there seems no reason not to choose the lowest number. This means there is little strategic play, making the game quite uninteresting. I think the game would be improved by implementing more strategic choices, such as that happen in yahtzee. Also, don't forget to add a way to quit the windows application.

Unfortunately, the game was to buggy to let us explore what the rules were, and they were not explained enough to understand in the first place. Multiple times dice became stuck, and clicking did nothing. Good concept, and I think you can make a lot for further projects.

Also, pleas add a way to quit the game.

I liked the idea, but I do not really understand what the different numbers add, as sometimes it seems like it allows me to dash, and other times it sends a blast wave out that destroys the enemies. And can you tell me if there was supposed to be sound? Because if it were, then there might be something wrong with my settings.

The jumping die looked amazing. Unfortunately there are a lot of minor issues. The enemies spawn only on the left side, and the jump doesn't always work there. There was a lot of things that were not explained, and I can't figure out. Like what the upgrades actually do, and what is meant with "gain 1.004 speed". The models looked nice, so keep up the good work.

Also, please add a quit option if you create a windows version.

I really liked this demo. A good way to use the theme. It is a bit empty right now. There seems little use to actually explore the dungeon to get through the cards. For some reason the maximum health is 2 and a half, and getting the cheese then does nothing. There are a few bugs. The random walk can move you into walls, and rapidly clicking the cards and moving can desync you with the grid. Also it is not clear how many steps you have before you have to draw a card.

Unfortunately, I am quite lost as what I was supposed to do. It is an interesting idea to use dice in such a go far, get money to go further type game. Some of the graphics looked amazing, but maybe the core gameplay could have more focus.

I really liked the art style. It is very clean. I do think the lack of any sounds hinders the enjoyment. I don't think these highly difficult rage games are a good fit for a game jam, and I didn't get far before I wanted to move on. The controls worked surprisingly well, although I didn't feel that falling off was because I did something wrong. And next time don't forget a way to quit the game, if you distribute it as a windows executable.

Very well made, and very fun. A few minor things did jump out. When the comet bounces at a corner, the following direction seems impossible to predict, sometimes causing me to lose a life. There was also the time that the collapsing tower interacted with the comet at the time it teleported, causing it to appear behind the portal and immediately going off the side of the screen. Also, the button sound effects are way too loud, especially compared to the music.

This was so amazing. And also so well designed. From amazing lighting effects to good usages of checkpoints. It was very impressive. There are only two very minor things I want to say. Since attacks don't immediately stop when the boss reaches zero health, you can die after you think you have defeated a phase, which can be very frustrating. Also, the following laser seems nearly impossible to perfectly dodge. But those things were extremely minor. 

The concept is very interesting, but there were some implementation issues that made it difficult to enjoy the game. The levels were way to difficult, which was worsened by the oddly precise hitboxes for picking up people. That was unfortunate, because the art style did sell me on the game.  

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Amazing game. I do say that the shield powerup might be a bit broken, especially if you find it early on. But that is a very minor gripe. More annoying was how sharp the opening music was, which made it uncomfortable to listen to.

I really like the concept, but it unfortunately kept getting stuck at some point. From what I could play, it was difficult to have control. I am not sure if the position mechanics are worth the complexity they introduced. More then once I was having to do useless things, because move right was just not on my board. But on the hole, it is impressively made.

I adore the art style, and the game play was fun. The camera implementation felt a bit off, as you had to be in precise spots for a photo to 'count.' Which left funny moments like having the cryptid in the camera until the moment you walked where the game recognizes you are taking a picture. The island is very beautiful, but traversing it was a bit hit and miss. Especially the scouts being able to remove the log was unintuitive, and it took me quite some time before I found the one person who could help me further. But that didn't hamper the experience much. Good work.

There were quite some minor things I notice, so I'll list them all here. There were some graphical issues. Objects can clip through the camera overlay, and there is a seem near the boss hat. Multiple objects seem to have some missing polygons, especially after the secret tunnel you can walk into the side of the ramp. There was also something that looked like test dialogue with the creatures on the beach. Jumping from above on the house at the beginning had weird collision and warping effects. The trees near the top have weird hitboxes, seemingly a small hole in the invisible wall.

The art style is amazing, but the controls are dragging it all down. The movement feels unresponsive, and doesn't do what I want it to do. Also, the fact that you can't attack while in the air really hamper the options you have. All you do is wait until the boss comes down to attack him once, and he flies back up again. Also, the fact that both the entire-floor-becomes-spike attack and the horizontal high laser have the same signal is quite unfair to the player.

But non the less, it is impressive work from a single person, and I hope you are happy with what you achieved. 

I am at a loss of words. Both because it is some freaking weird, and there is nothing I think could be improved.

I am afraid the download does not work. The HTML page you uploaded seems to refer to other scripts that are not included in the download. :/

A very impressive game. The atmosphere was well constructed, and the ambushes were really effective "jump scares". There were a few niggles. When the dialogue is closed the player also shoots. That immediately sends an amateurish signal, which the rest of the game does not deserve. When getting hit by a projectile, not much seem to happen. Second time around and I checked, and it seems like nothing happens. This can work to make the game not too difficult, but if I had discovered it early, it would have removed a lot of the tension. The purpose of the last red enemy thing was very unclear, and I sped a significant time shooting it with no effect. That part could do with the most work. Lastly, there seemed no way to quit the game without force closing it. But overall, very well made!

On your question if it scared me, I don't know. But it put me in the exact mood I want from a horror game.

I didn't want to imply anything bad about visual novels (I love the Zero Escape series), but I do think they require time to be enjoyed, which is difficult for after a Jam where you want to play many games. Especially since your submission was the first one I played.

At first I mostly thought the level design was a bit bland. The controls work fine, and the art and music are incredible, but there were quite a few little niggles. Not being able to restart levels annoyed me, since the rating + timer seemed to ask for it. Also, the opening of Level 3 was very cruel.

But with the secret path, most of that was blown away. I really enjoyed the esthetics of the secret levels and the story they told. The rotation mechanics were implemented quite awkwardly and seemed unnecessary, as I had no trouble traversing the levels while avoiding them., but that felt minor. But then the "leap of faith" level, was an unsatisfying ending. I have scoured the second to last level, feeling that there had to be more. But I could not find it.

Still amazing work, regardless of the somewhat unsatisfying ending.

Oh I really love the movement. The (maybe unintended) fact that you only have friction on the ground gives a really nice feel to it. The Scythe weapon did not feel very great, as it was difficult to aim it. I was not the greatest fan of how abilities were stripped, even though the story justification was very funny. 

I really dig the art style of the opening pan. But the limited depth perspective it gives, left the fight with little indication what was the impact of hitting a punch was. It was also very quiet during the fights, which made me quickly loose my interest.

The design was very clean, but there are a few choices that hamper it a lot. Having the player leg behind the cursor makes the controls feel unresponsive and unnecessarily difficult dodging the bullets. I felt very little difference between normal and hard mode, and the items the enemy planes drop move way to fast, making it nearly impossible to catch them. I also think the opening cinematic had too much text. The map animation was already great at showing what the text explained.

The art and music was fantastic. I am not the greatest fan of these kind of stress games, and in the later stages it was impossible to make sure all the houses were haunted. Which I thought was the goal of the game, yet failing to haunt a house didn't seem to cost me any life, and I succeeded in my first game. It was... a weird experience.
There were some issues. The HTML5 version seems to not scale correctly with my screen resolution, making the game unplayable. Luckily the Windows version worked. Also in the game, sometimes a ghost would get "stuck" on a hauntable house, because if I clicked the ghost, it instead showed my haunt progress. Also, the movement of the ghosts were a bit inconsistent, and I sometimes had to instruct multiple times before one would move. But those issues were minor things.

I think I would have enjoyed the game a lot more, if the music wasn't so grading. Especially the fact that it has a clear loop glitch made it difficult to enjoy the a bit too punishing movement mechanics. Having to start the level over because the physics is a bit inconsistent got annoying real fast. I think having shorter challenges would have helped a lot.