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Very well made, and very fun. A few minor things did jump out. When the comet bounces at a corner, the following direction seems impossible to predict, sometimes causing me to lose a life. There was also the time that the collapsing tower interacted with the comet at the time it teleported, causing it to appear behind the portal and immediately going off the side of the screen. Also, the button sound effects are way too loud, especially compared to the music.

This was so amazing. And also so well designed. From amazing lighting effects to good usages of checkpoints. It was very impressive. There are only two very minor things I want to say. Since attacks don't immediately stop when the boss reaches zero health, you can die after you think you have defeated a phase, which can be very frustrating. Also, the following laser seems nearly impossible to perfectly dodge. But those things were extremely minor. 

The concept is very interesting, but there were some implementation issues that made it difficult to enjoy the game. The levels were way to difficult, which was worsened by the oddly precise hitboxes for picking up people. That was unfortunate, because the art style did sell me on the game.  

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Amazing game. I do say that the shield powerup might be a bit broken, especially if you find it early on. But that is a very minor gripe. More annoying was how sharp the opening music was, which made it uncomfortable to listen to.

I really like the concept, but it unfortunately kept getting stuck at some point. From what I could play, it was difficult to have control. I am not sure if the position mechanics are worth the complexity they introduced. More then once I was having to do useless things, because move right was just not on my board. But on the hole, it is impressively made.

I adore the art style, and the game play was fun. The camera implementation felt a bit off, as you had to be in precise spots for a photo to 'count.' Which left funny moments like having the cryptid in the camera until the moment you walked where the game recognizes you are taking a picture. The island is very beautiful, but traversing it was a bit hit and miss. Especially the scouts being able to remove the log was unintuitive, and it took me quite some time before I found the one person who could help me further. But that didn't hamper the experience much. Good work.

There were quite some minor things I notice, so I'll list them all here. There were some graphical issues. Objects can clip through the camera overlay, and there is a seem near the boss hat. Multiple objects seem to have some missing polygons, especially after the secret tunnel you can walk into the side of the ramp. There was also something that looked like test dialogue with the creatures on the beach. Jumping from above on the house at the beginning had weird collision and warping effects. The trees near the top have weird hitboxes, seemingly a small hole in the invisible wall.

The art style is amazing, but the controls are dragging it all down. The movement feels unresponsive, and doesn't do what I want it to do. Also, the fact that you can't attack while in the air really hamper the options you have. All you do is wait until the boss comes down to attack him once, and he flies back up again. Also, the fact that both the entire-floor-becomes-spike attack and the horizontal high laser have the same signal is quite unfair to the player.

But non the less, it is impressive work from a single person, and I hope you are happy with what you achieved. 

I am at a loss of words. Both because it is some freaking weird, and there is nothing I think could be improved.

I am afraid the download does not work. The HTML page you uploaded seems to refer to other scripts that are not included in the download. :/

A very impressive game. The atmosphere was well constructed, and the ambushes were really effective "jump scares". There were a few niggles. When the dialogue is closed the player also shoots. That immediately sends an amateurish signal, which the rest of the game does not deserve. When getting hit by a projectile, not much seem to happen. Second time around and I checked, and it seems like nothing happens. This can work to make the game not too difficult, but if I had discovered it early, it would have removed a lot of the tension. The purpose of the last red enemy thing was very unclear, and I sped a significant time shooting it with no effect. That part could do with the most work. Lastly, there seemed no way to quit the game without force closing it. But overall, very well made!

On your question if it scared me, I don't know. But it put me in the exact mood I want from a horror game.

I didn't want to imply anything bad about visual novels (I love the Zero Escape series), but I do think they require time to be enjoyed, which is difficult for after a Jam where you want to play many games. Especially since your submission was the first one I played.

At first I mostly thought the level design was a bit bland. The controls work fine, and the art and music are incredible, but there were quite a few little niggles. Not being able to restart levels annoyed me, since the rating + timer seemed to ask for it. Also, the opening of Level 3 was very cruel.

But with the secret path, most of that was blown away. I really enjoyed the esthetics of the secret levels and the story they told. The rotation mechanics were implemented quite awkwardly and seemed unnecessary, as I had no trouble traversing the levels while avoiding them., but that felt minor. But then the "leap of faith" level, was an unsatisfying ending. I have scoured the second to last level, feeling that there had to be more. But I could not find it.

Still amazing work, regardless of the somewhat unsatisfying ending.

Oh I really love the movement. The (maybe unintended) fact that you only have friction on the ground gives a really nice feel to it. The Scythe weapon did not feel very great, as it was difficult to aim it. I was not the greatest fan of how abilities were stripped, even though the story justification was very funny. 

I really dig the art style of the opening pan. But the limited depth perspective it gives, left the fight with little indication what was the impact of hitting a punch was. It was also very quiet during the fights, which made me quickly loose my interest.

The design was very clean, but there are a few choices that hamper it a lot. Having the player leg behind the cursor makes the controls feel unresponsive and unnecessarily difficult dodging the bullets. I felt very little difference between normal and hard mode, and the items the enemy planes drop move way to fast, making it nearly impossible to catch them. I also think the opening cinematic had too much text. The map animation was already great at showing what the text explained.

The art and music was fantastic. I am not the greatest fan of these kind of stress games, and in the later stages it was impossible to make sure all the houses were haunted. Which I thought was the goal of the game, yet failing to haunt a house didn't seem to cost me any life, and I succeeded in my first game. It was... a weird experience.
There were some issues. The HTML5 version seems to not scale correctly with my screen resolution, making the game unplayable. Luckily the Windows version worked. Also in the game, sometimes a ghost would get "stuck" on a hauntable house, because if I clicked the ghost, it instead showed my haunt progress. Also, the movement of the ghosts were a bit inconsistent, and I sometimes had to instruct multiple times before one would move. But those issues were minor things.

I think I would have enjoyed the game a lot more, if the music wasn't so grading. Especially the fact that it has a clear loop glitch made it difficult to enjoy the a bit too punishing movement mechanics. Having to start the level over because the physics is a bit inconsistent got annoying real fast. I think having shorter challenges would have helped a lot.

The mini games were fun, but not well explained. The main issue is the lack of feedback, as winning or loosing was not made very clear, not was progress. After my first 'quit' I did not feel like restarting to deal with the "survival" mechanics. It was also not clear that going to the store helped at all. Lastly, the menu music is very sharp, reaching uncomfortable.

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You are right that it works while running, which is very odd. Then after the dialogue the game doesn't seem to progress, until then there appears another dialogue option near a random wall to close the "door." Then the boss has some dialogue and the room resets. Also the jump only triggers, on release of space. This is unfortunately too much jank for me to deal with.  The art looks amazing.

The art style was amazing, and the game play was a lot of fun. It did loose my interest quite quickly since I played alone. I would have loved to see a way to find other people hosting in the game, on top of the room code system.

The smaller enemies had some pathfinding issues. Multiple mice got stuck on a jump pad, and one creature got stuck on an edge. The mines were also very unforgiving, hurting you even if you moved at top speed.

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I would like to know if you found the ending, or if you quit the game using Esc? (To see if the ending was maybe too obtuse to find.)

Unfortunately, "press 'v' to talk" didn't work, getting me stuck in the first level. :/
(Also, don't forget a way to quit the game, as Alt+f4 shouldn't be relied on)

That was quite a blast. The attacks felt good, and the boss(es) had well varied attacks and phases. I would say that the blade attacks could be better signaled, as quite often I was hit by them before I could even see that the attack happened. For me it was confusing that the dash didn't give any form of immunity, but that might just be me.
I also do think the story is too on the nose, bordering on cliché. I think it was also too long, as I was afraid I was getting into a visual novel. (Maybe adding a descriptor to the game page could alleviate that.)

The view port only shows a part, so currently I can't play the game :/

Quite a nice puzzle game. The design is clean and the controls feel good. I do think there are too many puzzles before any challenge really starts. (I would say it only began from puzzle 24) But since they are quick, it isn't a deal breaker. There are a few weirdly trivial puzzles right after difficult ones. Number 51 and 54 are examples.
While the change in background music is a good idea, I found the difference between the songs jarring, as it had a huge effect on the vibe of the experience.

I adore the opening sequence, and the art style is great. Only the background could have been made more lively by having some simple variance, instead of a single colour + lighting. The jumping physics feels nice, but there are a few quirks with the collision. There are multiple ways where moving into a wall keeps you stuck in the air until you release the movement button. I found the corners of platforms and the orange door, but there are most likely more. The dash functioned more like a short teleport, being able to go through most walls in the level you have the dash. The sound design could be improved. Most sound effects were to loud, and I feel the 'closing sign textbox' sound does not fit well. Also, the voice of the entity was difficult to understand. As for the Game Jam theme, I do like the concept, but the level design does not give me the feel of 'focusing' on what you can still do, but more like the level is designed for you to be able to complete it without certain abilities. 

Surprisingly fun to play. I do think that stopping the player after twenty was a mistake. For me it wasn't difficult to get 70+ speed, and then I was forced to stop during the most fun part. Also, I love the adorable bikes.

Thank you for your kind response. I do enjoy trying to understand why certain story elements do or do not work for me, and I am happy you saw value in my thoughts. In light of your response, I want to restate that the way Clash was written, it did not feel like he was the first sentient robot. Having it given more thought, I think for me it is the confusion of how much Clash actually knows. While reading the story, it felt like the time between Clash proving himself and him getting locked in the box wasn't that long. The part about Clash having had a couple human assistants did not come across as a long time, more that he had difficulty finding an assistant for more then a couple of years. Due to this short time, I expected Clash to have limited knowledge (as in only in those years he was active).

I was a bit disappointed that not all codes lead to poems that rhyme. The error poems are great though!

I like responding in depth, but for my general impressions, I want to say I like it well enough. In this story the fantasy elements don't seem to have any purpose (especially if you choose to have Kalzrak fight the werewolves), and the first paragraph did, frankly, a terrible job introducing the world. It is mostly a shame, because the sci-fi elements shown gave a great impression of the world. I also don't feel convinced that there is a good chemistry between Kalzrak and Clash. The one asked something, and the other said something back, before asking his own question.

That the first paragraph is kinda bad comes down to a lot of generic terms, Fantasy worlds and Magic, which say very little on their own. The second half is more specific, but it feels off in what points it focuses on. What is the relevance that the non-human creatures all came from mutated humans (for some reason specifically 'punks')? Why should I know this before the story starts (Kalzrak introduces it later with no issue.) It is also definitely not what I expect from the description on the page, where nothing indicates that it is a fantasy world.

In general the writing is good, except I find the point that the magic is shown off very clunky. The fighting did not have anything resembling tension, which was probably the point, so kudos to that. During Clash's first conversation, there were a few things that felt weird. I got confused, because he talks casually about becoming sentient, I expect that was a route thing that just happens sometimes. But later, Clash acts like he was the first robot to be sentient.

Very specific points:
“The mysteries of natural selection” I found this line funny, because as far as I get it, there isn't much mystery about natural selection. 
 Probably uncover, and not incover.
I wouldn't call Clash telling his backstory a “revelation”

I hope you found my comments useful, and good luck with the next visual novel!

Quite a fun experience. I do think there is just not enough fiction around the word game part that I would personally classify it as interactive fiction. But that might just be me. I did had a great laugh when I was prompted to just say no to the suggestion of playing the word game.
On the technical side there were a few issues. The pronouns did not work correctly, as I had chosen He/Him, but got They/Them. Also, in the form where you have to write, you have used a default answer or such. This requires first to manually delete the "type in a noun" (or such) text. While nothing major, there should be a more eloquent solution. Also, the other players have a too extensive word list they choose from. I encountered espagnolette, a word even google seemed to struggle with. (So far as I can see, it is a specific type of locking mechanism.) Also, the not even once achievement (?) kept popping up after every word I entered.
All in all, it's very fun, but maybe a bit lacking in the story compartment.

Great premise, too bad it was too large for a game jam game.

Great idea. It is a shame that it was too big for this game Jam. There were a few annoyances. When you pick up an item in the sub-game to take outside and accidentally crosses your player character, it takes the item regardless. While that could be intentional, since it isn't actually useful, it feels more like a bug. The spikes in the dungeon where also weirdly unforgiving, forcing to restart the level. Not being able to move diagonally made the controls feel unresponsive. Lastly, I have no idea what you wanted me to do with the 100 coin door, except literally grinding. Maybe I missed something, but the solution was not clear to me.

Came from your great video. Had a weird... bug, I think? With only two cows left I placed them on the second column, in the second and third row, and no aliens would spawn that attack the cows. I let it run for about fifteen minutes to see that it was indeed the case. But restarting it seems to have fixed the issue.

Quite fun, but it lost my interest quite quickly. I didn't feel there was much I could do to win beside not missing, which was easy. But it was perfectly fine for a game jam. I did find the main menu confusing, as I didn't recognize it as such and was waiting for the character to stop speaking and move on with the game.

You have taken the obvious approach and gave it an excellent yet simple twist. Unfortunately, the finishing touches were not there. The missing background music can make puzzles quite annoying, and the game keeps getting stuck at level 2, reloading it each time I complete it.

Very pretty art, but the game play is quite lacking. As it is currently designed, there is nothing stopping you from just dropping junk on both sides and ignore any structure you are building.

Well, somehow one folder name got messed up, but that was easy to fix. (Don't change names after the project has been built.) You already mentioned that you wanted to add a few more things, but they also don't really seem to make good use of the duel movement you designed. I could easily play the game only looking at the right character, only checking to see if the platform also existed on the other side.

But non the less, it is a good result for your first game jam (mine wasn't much worse), and I hope you can use your experience the next time.

The movement of the cube is actually quite fun, except it seems to be a bit inconsistent when you are allowed to do a wall jump or double jump. In contrary, the ball and chain doesn't really seem to work well. The level (levels?) could have clearer goals, as I was multiple times lost, and transitioning can be made smoother then a teleport.

Over all, there seems to be a lot potential, and I hope that you have learned a lot for the next time :)

The opening was well made, but the text went away to quickly. Almost as soon as the last letter appeared, the text disappears. There could be a bit more leniency. Also, the levels were way to large in comparison with how fast you move, making the actually game play very sluggish.