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8-Bit Nameless

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If you manage to tap quick enough you can reach ethernal background. Game is basicly just a joke.

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Well I just did some updates to engine graphics took one day redrawn and boss was just some prebuild events in engine. Tip to beat boss just stay at bottom of map and shoot as fast as bossible up.

Music was created with software made for spectrum while graphics are not authenthic because its hard to simulate that on nowdays hardware.

Its upscaled to 256x256 because if it would be true 64x64 it would be too small if you play on 1080p screen,


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Thanks for feedback I thinking about game where Iam gonna merge best of these two with powerups for combos and more level based structure with some story trown in. But problem would be graphicks because its so hard to simulate clash in current computers let alone in engine I use. Sure I could simulate other 80-90s computer or console but Specky is special to me. So thanks for playing and just check some other of my games. Thank you very much.

Nice brain teaser.

Thanks for playiing. This game is kinda like successor to Knight just added some tweaks in engine, still these games are just concepts.

Fedora was  fliped 1805 times but now space bar is broken.

If I get 10 bucks I'll remake this with better graphicks, higher resolution (SNES look alike perhaps or in 360p) and add eurobeat and make it free without donations.


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Fun Atari 2600 like game, very addicting, just stopped to write this comment.

Nice game mate. Small and fun, expand it and make car a bit less lose I know its a lot to ask from C2.

Pretty fun game. Small and simple expand it.

5 stars 'cause Donald Trump