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This is brilliant! I absolutely love simple games like this!

Hey sorry, I guess I just didn't thought it needed to be downloadable, but if you think it should be I could make it happen! :)

Sorry about the difficulty, hope it was still enjoyable. But I'm glad you liked the song, I was really proud of it!

Hey, thanks again for playing! I honestly didn't intend for the game to be this challenging, but I'm glad its still enjoyable, even despite its issues! The jumping, player movement, and weird mouse jerks were all issues I didn't really know how to solve. But hopefully it didn't ruin the fun too much!

 It's also just really cool, and a little nerve wracking, to actually see people play my game. I think for future games I'll release play-test builds to really gauge the difficulty based on player feedback, then adjust the difficulty accordingly!

But yea, thanks for the vid! It's so cool to see people play and enjoy something that I made :D

Super cool game! Wasn't expecting those inverted controls, glad there was an option to switch those!

Great work!!

Pretty cool! I love the halo inspiration!

Thank you thank you!

Sheesh! It was all fun and games until Gandalf came out with that riot shield lol!

great game!

Right, ok, I could try to change the bullets, I'm working on the next update right now, I just made the bullets faster. If that still feels wonky I could change it.

And yea, I tried to give the enemies line of sight, but I just couldn't figure it out. Its honestly probably  because most of the code I made for this game is kinda outdated.

I had the same experience with my laptop, its probably because of the graphics; they can be a little taxing on a laptop, but it runs rather smooth on my larger PC. In terms of the jump sensitivity, I noticed a few instances where the input would kinda lag, but it would mainly happen when I landed on the corner of a platform or something. Idk, I'm working it out, hopefully in this next update it feels a bit more responsive.

I really appreciate all the feedback, I'll try to get another update out either today or tomorrow. stay tuned! And thanks for playing!!

Dang I thought I fixed the enemies shooting through the floor. I'll get to work on that and the jump responsiveness right now! 

As for the player bullets, that happens because the gun is actually hitscan, the bullets don't really do damage. I could make the bullets move faster to sell the illusion, but there might be a better solution. I look into it!

Thanks for all the great feedback!

Thank you so much! I'll look into the jump controls and see if I can make it a bit more responsive. Had the same problem with the movement for some reason.

Thank you! :

Oh yea, I did notice that and I was trying to fix it yesterday, I couldn't really find a solution. I'll try to look into it a bit more!

Thanks for the feedback! I'm glad you like the visuals, I put a lot of thought into them! :)

Wow, I honestly wasn't expecting anyone to make a video about this game! Thank you so much, I really appreciate it. Seeing someone else actually play the game is perfect for getting feedback.

I realize now that there's plenty of things to polish. Enemy projectile collision and the player movement are definitely things I need to work on! I'll have to figure out how to fix the enemies being easy to kill at long range. I thought about increasing their range, but I feel like the up close firefights are a little more fun. I'll get to work on those!

Thanks again! This feedback is incredibly useful! 

Good luck with your channel! Keep up the good work! :)

Really cool concept dude! I would love to see more planet variation! And I love how simple the controls are whilst still capturing a space-flight kinda feel! Nice Job!!

Very cool concept!

Ohhh weird, thanks for the heads up! I'll try to fix it.

Glad you liked the visuals!