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The game, despite being only a demo, presents already a solid gameplay with an innovative twist. Mechanics are simple to understand but hard to master and classic mode is very funny with the interesting addition of the variants that happen after every goal (pong made me smile).
The polished and colorful graphics, combined with the two-keys-are-enough-to-play gameplay would make, I think, the perfect android casual game. 
I hope you will consider porting the game (or a simplified version of it) on android (obviously it would need online multiplayer).
Thanks for your attention. 

5/5 for the demo!

Exceptional game, with a great concept and an innovative gameplay.
Graphics could have been polished a little bit more.
It could be nice if other block turned in other types after the usage like the life-death blocks (e.g. some earth blocks turn in wind blocks and some wind blocks turn in water etc.)
The game itself lacks difficulty and I think that the idea of the "last battle with a full featured team could have been worked on a little bit more to add drama and humor.
I would definitely play (and back on kickstarter) a game based on these mechanics but obviously it needs other RPG style additions (items, weapons etc.) and a good story.
I'm looking forward to your next release now!

It seems like you're still not clear about the mechanics yourself... But anyway I'm looking forward to try the next version. keep it up!

Great game. Nice concept, nice genre matchup. I am very glad to see that you published the android version too, I hope you'll do the same for upcoming games (and you'll release an android version of 13 jellyfish, too)

Please we need an android version of this one too please :)

Geat game!