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Hey there thanks for playing. (and the nice compliments ; )     ) To find all the keys you need to follow the trail and look for objects that can be highlighted (like the sign) To fend off the monster, you aim the flash light at the monster itself.

Thanks for playing! I tried to mimic the slowness of the player in games like "Slender: The Eight Pages" but I guess it just makes the game a drag to play.

Really rough around the edges, but at least you turned something in and you can be proud of that! Thanks for participating!

Interesting little game. The art style was really neat and the game was easy to understand. Well done! Thanks for participating!

Super cute! Love the art style and the music and the overall vibe. Also like the story/quest aspect to this game! Good job and thanks for participating in this year's darktober game jam!

Really interesting concept! I enjoyed the use of items and the interrogation process. Obviously the game looks very unpolished but looks good for a game made in a month. The art style wasn't all that bad! Good job guys

I don't mind

I don't mind. Sorry for the late response!

Time to get our spooky on! Thank you everyone who joined and I wish you luck on the adventure this game jam will take on this month! Don't forget to join our discord (link on page) Happy Deving! 

This year's sub-theme is "RITUALS" Remember, you do not have to use this in your game. Halloween is the main theme, and as long as you have that you're good.

yes. As long as you put a tag on the itchio page and a warning (noting what exactly will be nsfw: ie "language" "Nudity") 

Pretty cool game! Very simple in it's style but every second was action packed and crazy shaky! Wasn't expecting it to be as hard as it was, (even on easy) but I enjoyed it ;D

Only eight more days!

Well, it doesn't happen EVERY time I get hurt, but usually it'll happen when I'm trying to do an air attack (smashing them on the head, or shooting them) and then I'll collide with the enemy. I'll get knocked back and then Piko will freeze. After that it won't let me move out of her knock-back state. I'll play the game again (Cuz it's fun anyways ;)  ) and see if I can give you any more details!

I loved playing this so much! The fighting controls and animation were really cool! The character and background scenery were beautiful and cute! One thing I want to point out though. Some of the collisions were a little inaccurate, and one bug I kept running into is while I was fighting I would get hurt, but then it would freeze the character from moving, forcing me to exit and restart the game. I hope you find a fix to this and I look forward to playing a more developed version of this! (and even the final version ;)   )


Really cool, definitely  reminds me of Dark Souls!

I really enjoyed reading this!! It was really sad, but it was interesting and it got me emotionally attached! I hope you make more story games like this! ;D

Thanks for participating! I look forward to playing your game!

Sorry about the late response guys. I will open the submissions for a while longer so you can submit your game ;P

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That's ok! For some reason mine is having technical difficulties so I won't be able to upload mine for a few more days either... 

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That's ok! I'm having technical difficulties with mine so I won't be able to submit mine on time either...

Hey everyone! As the final few hours of the jam are coming to a close, I just wanted to congratulate everyone on their entries! Look forward to seeing some feedback on all of your games from me, as I will be playing all of them after the jam closes. I won't be turning my project in until later today or tomorrow morning (I still have a few bugs to work out). I'm really happy about the way this jam turned out and I'm thankful for all of you guys who decided to participate. I hope you all learned a lot about game development and time management! Thanks again everyone! And happy Halloween!!


Yeah! I don't mind

Yeah sure! I don't mind

Hey there!

Spoopy is just a funny way to say spooky, so that was on purpose.

I'll fix the times in the description, but just follow whatever the countdown says on the main page.

Yep. You can use whatever language you want.

I didn't say I don't want horror games, I'm making one myself. I said it doesn't have to be one. I didn't want people to come here and assume this was for horror games only.

People kept asking me if all of the entries would be ranked, I said no.  

I don't mind! I just didn't want to host my own this year, while juggling a twitter account, making my own game, and helping you guys with any questions :P

Well I wish you good luck! ; )

Thanks! I can't wait to see what you create!! :D

Thanks! I'm excited to see what you make :D

That's my favorite part of the game dev process! I have a ton of notebooks xD

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Hey everyone! I know you all have been waiting eagerly  for the theme's release and I appreciate everyone's patience! As promised, I said the theme's release date would be today at 10:00 and here it is!

This years theme is:

What do I do with the theme?

With this theme, you are expected to build your game's story around this concept/idea. That's really all you are required to use this theme for because I want to leave as much room as possible for creativity and imagination in your games! So let's put our creativity hats on and start writing that well anticipated story you all are so eager to make!

Because the game jam has not started and won't be open until October 1st, you should wait until then to start your project; However, I put the theme out a week early so you guys can start writing a story in advance so you won't waste time writing and building a game and then changing halfway through. (Because I know how that goes).

And again, thank you to everyone who has joined and I wish you the best of luck!


the theme has been announced!!

No, not this time.  This is my first time hosting a game jam so I wanted it to be as simple as possible. 

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Makes sense! I've actually never heard of Gone Home until now. I watched a lets play of the beginning and it looks really interesting!  First person games are admittingly much scarier if done right (My favorite is Slender: The Eight Pages), but I personally have enjoyed 2d and third person view games more because you get to see your character and how it reacts in the world you play through. It might be because I'm an artist and I find it visually appealing when games show your character. 

P.s. the theme comes out the 25th ; )

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Hey Guys! With only one week left until the theme/story promt will be released, I wanted to share a list of games that have been a big inspiration for me as a game developer, especially  that of the dark, scary, and horror genre. Take in as much inspiration as you can before the theme's release date (which will be the 25th at around 10 a.m .-ish). Anyways, here's the list of games. Check the out! 

Yoooo! Nice to see you again! So the theme is going to be about the story. I guess it would've been better to call it a "writing promt" than a theme. But yeah, I want every entry to have a story that is based around the theme, but it'll be broad and open for interpretation. I don't have a discord, because this is my first time hosting a game jam so I wanted to keep it as simple as possible. There's a Twitter for it though (the link is on the page).


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Ha! I did forget to mention that... I don't mind if you make teams or go solo : ) (Thanks for asking, I changed the jam page to state what I told you)

Hi Iambofdawn! Thanks for joining the DarkTober game jam!

Ok, so I would prefer if you wait until the game jam officially starts to start coding and making your final project; however, I don't mind if you start to code a prototype, create some concept art, or start writing a story. The genre doesn't matter, as long as the game looks appropriate for Halloween. It could be a top down shooter, adventure & action, puzzle. Whatever you see fit. My advice to you would be, before the theme is released (which will be one week before the jam starts) soak up as much inspiration as you can. Watch some Halloween movies, play some dark themed games. Pinterest and Tumblr are my favorite website/apps to get inspiration and references for my art. Then when the theme is released start to focus on creating a story and creating characters and such. The purpose of this game jam is to make a game with a  good story rather than a game with super cool and complex mechanics. If you have anymore questions or if you're still confused, I'm more than happy to help you! :D

Thanks again for joining, and I wish you good luck!!!


Hey everyone! I realized I wasn't clear enough in the rules and expectations section about a few things. You can read it for yourself, but I stated that it doesn't matter what platform you make your game for; however, I only have a windows computer so if you can make a windows file available that would be awesome! Also I added that you can make the game in any game engine you like. 

Thanks you for joining!