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Yeah, I'll be honest, and the surprise "horror" is totally intended. It would be too mean to ACTUALLY modify a players host machine though.

Thanks for playing and I'm glad you enjoyed it!

you can hold SHIFT to get capital  letters, I'm not sure about caps lock support though.

Hey iSeeLT, Thank you so much for trying out my game!  The mistake you made is understandable, and easy to fix!  The  "<folder_name>" or "<script_name>"  are just placeholders for the name of the folder you want to go to, or script you want to run, etc.

For example, if you wanted to folderoni into the "logs" directory, you simply need to write:

folderoni logs

or to go back to the previous folder:

folderoni ..

No brackets or anything like that needed, just like a regular unix  "cd" command.

Same goes for commands later in the game like:

godfather bake package-game.pzza

I would love it if you have it another shot! Feel free to reply here if you have more questions. I put a lot of heart into this game and i think you will really like it if you stick with it! Even if you don't make it back for another playthrough, I appreciate the attempt :) 



first make sure you are in the right folder, by typing the command "listaroni" into the terminal. if you are in the "/usr/bin/notes" folder, you can just type "printaroni SERVER_INFO.txt" into the terminal to see the contents!

I'm glad you played through the game! SPOILER ALERT at the true ending though haha.

Can't tell if you liked it or not from your comment :)

Hey Thanks! This is all done algorithmically, so I agree, It would be great to improve upon. Maybe have a system where users can add to an online DB or something. But I'm really happy with the system for the 2 week period. The game will surprise you with what words "fit" and it will sometimes surprise you when a word doesn't fit haha.

I'll have to play your game as well!

Thanks! I almost included a version of Losing My Religion by REM to make it even more in line with the episode haha.

Hi thank you! This is very kind.

Hey thanks! There are over 500k words it recognizes! IT would be interesting to implement some sort of autocomplete. but Id have to scope out exactly how it would work.


Hey Thanks for playing! I really appreciate it.

I agree that a score (basically, how long you were able to keep going, or max combo string, or something) would be great, That's 1st on my list. 

I didn't have much time to balance the buster bar/points system, due to time constraints, but having the bar decrease faster over time sounds like an easy addition. Good Idea.


Please reply to this comment with TOPICS that seem to be busted, or words that SHOULD be on topic, but are not (Please list the topic, and the words you tried to input)

That's right!

I'm glad you got to feel like an Italian super hacker!

Cheers, Thanks for playing!

Hey thanks for trying it out! The world might never know if it was automated snapbots or not. haha.

I actually came up with the name pretty close to the game's completion, but like, if i did come up with the pun 1st would it be so wrong  ;p?


It shouldn't. nobody else has reported that issue.  Make sure you unzip the contents before attempting to run the exe. 

Otherwise, let me know what system you're running on so I can investigate! Sorry for the crash!

I like this one. 
He feels like his humanoid form is just an act. He's not human, He's a robot.
But he goes along with it, befriender.

I'm glad you enjoyed my game. Cheers!

Pressing [S] takes a screen shot. The screenshots are saved in the ./screenshots directory. so like, on the same level as OpenMechNight.exe and the /assets directory.

I would love to improve the poem engine, maybe if I have some time!

Thanks for playing

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Hey thanks for playing! I really appreciate such a detailed response.

In the "too early press" situation you describe, the failure is intentional, you have to input at the start of a measure. I see where you are coming from on wanting a bigger window, but the window is quite large actually (1 quarter note 'wide'), assuming you are aiming for pressing at the start of the measure. I can tweek the penalty and window as people play to see what feels right. Maybe a lives system or something.

From a flavor standpoint, if you are running in the dark, and you turn too early, you may fall into a pit, hit spikes, etc. Thats the idea I was going for, at least, maybe it dint translate.

Nice job finding a bug, I didn't know that happened! I'm fixing it right now! That's good play-testing :P


Thanks, meatghost!
I'm glad you thought it felt good to play (once you got the hang of it).

I like the music a lot. Very intense and sets the scene.  Also, I'm sure the code to generate those moving lava platforms was really satisfying to write and see working!

I agree with some of the other people here, that it gets a bit repetitive, But I mean, this game jam is short, so I understand. And if you have more time to work on it, you should come up with a few more mechanics for levels!

This lags pretty hard on my machine. The mouse position and the player token position were desynced if i moved the mouse too fast. Unless that was intentional.

This is such a treat! Really well done. I love the way you took the restrictions for the jam and ran with it.  It's hilarious. 

I like all the ideas behind the different arguments/counters. All of it feels very much like an "experience" than a game, and that's not a negative, I think it works. It's almost a visual novel in a way.

Great art. Good Content. Solid. I do think it would help if there were some sound effects that sound effects and epic ones for when you deal "blows."  Or just, more fighters to see how they interact.

Really nice art in this game. the whole thing is very visually pleasing to play. Kudos.

Really cool concept too. reminds me a bit of necrodancer type "puzzle-movement" where you have to anticipate enemy actions. 

I did get it to crash a few times, but hey, what's a jam without a few bugs.

I think if this was procedurally generated, and had a few more puzzles to solve, maybe upgrades, I would play the heck out of it

The artstyle is clean and consistent. I like the idle animations you added too. Adds a bit of life to the game.

I really like the idea behind the game (masking movement with other sounds)! It does get a bit repetetive. I think the number of times I had to wait for the octopus thing was close to 40 or so. Thats a lot of just wait press wait press, etc.

I think if you made other things make noise, and made it more....puzzly, it might be a bit more interesting.

Cheers on a cool concept, and pressty decent execution for only 48 hours.

Really interesting mechanics. I really like how the dungeon has the keyboard map. The fact that you can cast spells before you move is neat.

It seems like the game boils down to:

-survey the room, put forests where there are enemies, while still leaving room to get through to the finish.
- I wish there was a bit more variation, but with the limited time, those 3 spells are enough.

The ending is very undertale-esque. I liked that. It would be nice if the player knew upfront, but I suppose the game is short enough that its easy to jump back in once the goal is known.

Great showing for the jam theme. cheers.

This is very nice, thanks, Dancer!

I should have prioritized tutorial a bit higher on my list. I plan on adding one. I'm also glad you liked the minimalist design choices.


Thanks for playing again, Manu!
I'll look into the engine sputtering, that's not good.

in-game tutorial/teaching is something that is lacking in this build. So It's good to know you think its necessary too!

Thank you very much for trying out my game. I'm glad you mustered up the courage to conquer NACHTRUN.

I appreciate the feedback. Look for an update later this fall!


Hey thank you for checking it out. It was for sure inspired by games like RH. Also Temple Run to an extent haha.

Please check back after the voting period.  I will have a difficulty curve, and a few more inputs.

I really appreciate your feedback. cheers!

Thanks for playing! 
What an incredible score! Please check back soon, for an updated version with more inputs, and a SPEED-UP over time.


Thanks for playing!
I agree that difficulty curve would be the best addition, specifically, getting faster over time, and adding more input types. The 1st is already done and ready to be uploaded. And I'm working on a new input, so you are right on the money with what could make this game better! 

Cheers Cheers Cheers! 

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Thank you for trying it! I have your game (STEP OUT) on my list as well!

Absolutely inspired at least partially by Rhythm Heaven!
I'm working on new prompts and a tutorial now, and there will be an update after the voting period ends.

Thanks for complimenting the intro too. A bit of flavor goes a long way.


What a bizarre bonkers game idea. The graphics look nice. Everything functions together nicely. I think the text/window is a bit small, maybe scale everything by 2x, or have to option to.

Conceptually strong. Funny, and a good parody. Took me a bit to understand what the game was "really" about, but I think that's part of the fun.

Id love to see what else you could do with this. What ideas were left on the cutting room floor, etc.


I really like the concept of this game. It's a great Idea! I've never seen a game use a control scheme like this!

I think the most creative thing about it is the "curving" you can do if you input a different key while already moving. level 1-2 teaches you this, but it's never really revisited.

Overall really strong showing for this jam. you really nailed the theme, and the art/presentation/execution can all be improved after the voting period.


Hey Thanks, Yaro!

I appreciate you taking the time to get used to when to input. 27 is really good! Wonderful score. You are a pro now!

I think the biggest issue with my game is the barrier to entry (i need a tutorial/practice mode), but I plan to add it after the voting period is up!


Totally fair!  It might help to watch the gameplay video.
If I had a bit more time, I would have had an ingame tutorial.

Cheers thanks for playing


I appreciate the feedback, thanks! 

Thank you! I tried hard to make it clean looking :)

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Thanks for trying it. It is a bit difficult, but I appreciate you looking past that to the concept :). If you get into the groove, it helps. Also, out of the sixteenth notes in each measure, you can input on beat 15, or 16 of the previous measure, or beat 1 or 2 of the next measure, for a total of 1 quarter-note's-worth of input time. 

Thanks for thinking it's fun! That's the goal! Cheers!

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Hey. Cool Idea for a game. 

I like the way it looks. and feels, the controls are easy and fluid. I think the level of variation in terms of what to do needs to be a bit higher, but I understand that there was a time limit. As others have said, spamming space is Overpowered.  so I'd nerf it with a cooldown meter. Also, the amt of health is a bit too generous imo.

I liked the idea that if you get hit, you can't charge for a while, so you can't tank a bullet in the name of positioning yourself in front of an enemy. Good idea!

I'd be curious to see what the game would feel like with more enemies/powerups/etc.

The music is pretty nice to. did you make it yourself?

Anyway, great showing for the jam. Cheers.